The Web of Time

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The Web of Time

I recently created a new tool for some of my space/time experiments, a tool which is basically a box of memories. The function of it is similar to that of the pensieve in the Harry Potter books. The Pensieve is a cauldron that holds the memories of a person. Each day memories can be added to the cauldron and if the person wishes, s/he can actually go into the pensieve and re-experience the memories (but not alter them). I thought this idea in the Harry Potter books was pretty intriguing and wanted to develop a similar tool, but one that could actually aid in changing the experiences of the past. What you see below is a small chest I remade into the tool.

Memory Box 1

This chest used to hold a lot of letters from different people I wrote to, so it already had a lot of memories associated with it. The little lock on the door was something I felt appropriate for guarding those memories. It added to the nostalgia of the box and its innate charm of being a box of memories. Each day when I’d come home from work, I’d open the box, put my fingertips to my temple and then imagine silvery liquid pouring into the box from my fingertips. I’d usually come home overloaded from everything I learned, but as soon as I put those memories into the box the overloaded feeling went away. Also, just as with the pensieve, the idea was that I could access any memory I put in the box with exact detail. This was useful, I felt, for retaining skills I’d learned for when I needed to have access to them again. Still, I felt as if something was missing from the box — it seemed limited to use for memory work.

Memory Box 2

I developed a concept based off the Flower of Kairos design developed by Brian Shaughnessy. I’d originally called it the “flower of potentiality,” but then realized it wasn’t really a flower, but more like a web, constantly changing, flowing, and involved with interconnection. It’s different from the Flower of Kairos because it isn’t a container unit or outside space/time, but instead flows within time1. I’ll admit as well that a lot of my space/time work has shifted more toward time and less toward space, with the thought being that space is an identifier and limiter of reality, whereas time is fluid, always in motion, unlimited potential and possibility in the quantum sea. I felt as well that the web represented my connection to not just other people, but to all possible moments of existence that included me, a connection to every possible version of me. This design influenced the shaping of the tool, which I see as an extension of the multiple versions concept.

Memory Box 3

As you’ll note, the interior is silver. The color scheme is partially based on the silver strands in the pensieve, and partially representing silver strands of possibility in the quantum matrix. That latter idea originates in an article by Andrieh Vitimus, where he discusses being able to use the quantum matrix as a means of finding alternate versions of the self2. Each strand on the silver web leads to an alternate reality. The strands are infinite and the paths they provide are in themselves valuable for learning the secrets of reality and unwinding the DNA of space/time. By using the memory box, a magician can travel the web of time to the past, future, or an alternate potentiality.

When I meditate with the chest, I place my hands on each side. It feels as if each hand is encased in a glove of static electricity. I get a very intriguing feeling of being out of synch with the space my body is in, and I’m aware that I can access all potential points of time. The feeling is similar to some very deep altered states of consciousness, but with less work needed to get there, because the box acts an aid. It’s possible to surf the past, present, and future possibilities, as well as change them as needed. I’ve used this tool to connect with versions of myself that are more financially successful, so that they can direct me to resources that will help me in that regard. In return, I gave them information about magic.

One of my recent experiments has been to meditate with the box open and in my hands, focusing on a specific desired probability, imagining it in extreme detail, feeling, tasting, smelling, hearing, etc the desired probability. When I’m finished, I close the box, storing that experience inside to let the imagined probability soak into the web. A few hours later, perhaps a day, I’ll open the box to release the energy, and then move on to the next desired probability. I’ve also put fetish objects, sigils, etc. into the box to let the box absorb and then release the energy into the web of probabilities, and manifest that reality into place. This technique has proven useful, particularly with removing obstacles for long term goals, such as moving to another city. The web of time device can be used for more than just these purposes. I’m still exploring the full potential of this tool and will provide reports in the future of what I’ve been up to with it.


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©2007 Taylor Ellwood. Edited by Sheta Kaey

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