Our New Shop – Photos

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Our New Shop - Photos

Today was opening day at the new Rending the Veil shop in Baytown, Texas. Here are a few photos. Come by sometime!

Shop Interior

Shop Exterior

You Ever Have One of those Moments…

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You Ever Have One of those Moments...

… when you fantasize how you’d change a situation that’s almost perfect, or almost intolerable, if only you had the magical means to wave a wand like Dumbledore? My grandmother’s house was amazing, but the windows were in dire need of resealing. I worried about them because they had a tendency to tip open in a strong wind, and these windows were the type that slid horizontally, so tipping was not desired behavior. It meant “catch or duck,” and luckily we were all pretty good catch, and the curtains helped sometimes, too. Point is, most of us have a similar story or a job story or a boss story, but we can relate to feeling powerless and thinking, if only.

I’ve been plugging away at this website with the valiant help and inspiration of wonderful people for short spans of time, in cycles, with all of us at times feeling either enthusiastic or defeated. Burnout is something magicians can relate to quite universally. And right now many of us at RTV have wondered why our little pushes aren’t gaining any traction… well, I have news and other stuff.

My brother died late last year and I have inherited a share in all the wonderful art he left behind, and somehow, both in his memory and because, “wow, look at all this art,” we blossomed into a full brick and mortar shop. These pieces have to be seen to be believed. They’re large pieces; my brother liked bold statements. We hope to showcase local artists on consignment, as well as local psychics, and gradually add an increasing stock of metaphysical supplies. Grand Opening is March 20, 2015. The address is 260 Oakland Ave., Baytown, TX 77520. Beginning March 20, we’ll be open Wed thru Sat, 12-7 pm. If you’d like to be a Special Guest for the Grand Opening, call 281-624-9650 and leave a detailed message. I will return your call.

The other side of this is, I have no time to spend constantly learning new code so I really need someone to manage this site for me, who has some energy to spend on it on a volunteer basis until (and IF) we manage to start making money. If this is you, email me at sheta@rendingtheveil.com with your credentials.

Blah blah blah – June 2014

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Blah blah blah - June 2014

We are, as always, accepting new content. We have books available for review. If you’d like to review one, leave a comment with your email address. We are accepting review copies from authors and publishers, filmmakers and musicians.

The site will remain quietly for sale and nothing further will be said about it, unless something changes.

Given that the Universe clearly has a slower agenda in mind for this site than we would have preferred, we’re going to slow down and let things grow organically, and see what happens.

We are actively seeking volunteers for editing, forum moderation, and more. Contact admin@rendingtheveil.com with any questions.

Tell us about your experiences with psychic readers & advisers

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Tell us about your experiences with psychic readers & advisers

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

Bonus Questions for Storytellers

If you’d like to answer these bonus questions, you can do so in comments or email them to admin@rendingtheveil.com with “Survey response” in the subject line.

  • Tell us about your best psychic reading or occult adviser experience.
  • Tell us about your worst psychic reading or occult adviser experience.
  • Tell us what yourskills are!
  • What is the freakiest thing that has ever happened to you?

And now it’s days later, and I could have sworn I had posted this a week ago. My bad. Here you go, and have fun! Thank you! <3 — Sheta

Things to Click On

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Things to Click On

Please welcome our first of many to come… the Sudden Survey! Only answer what you want to; I think this one, some are marked “must,” but none of the personal ones. Thanks for participating!

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey , the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

Growing Pains

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Growing Pains

We’re trying to find a decent appointment scheduling service, preferably one that doesn’t require a PayPal account. Right now, if you go to the Services/Reserve a Session page, you’ll be linked to our current scheduling service, but our PayPal account is frozen so, for the moment, it’s all in limbo. Hang tight; it shouldn’t last too long.

If you notice anything else not working, feel free to email us at admin@rendingtheveil.com or just check back later and see if it’s fixed. We have a lot in the works and we’re mostly fumbling right now. Thanks for your patience.

Ground Floor Opportunity

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Ground Floor Opportunity

Volunteer application Questions? Write to sheta@rendingtheveil.com.

Edit to Add: Okay, these names and roles are evolving, and I don’t know the terms that people prefer in these roles, so I thought a little humor would be acceptable when I chose the term “guru.” But someone made a remark somewhere else that made me feel completely idiotic for using it, so either suggest something or deal with my new choice. /edit

Get in on the ground floor in a unique opportunity as Rending the Veil begins its transition from hobby to actual business. Lend your skills and help us create something unlike anything else on the web! We need qualified individuals in all positions below, to lead their blooming departments as we grow. Along with those listed, we are seeking individuals interested in Magick in Theory & Practice, our peer-reviewed research area and our ritual testing area. These are still in the concept stages, moreso than those below.

RTV seriously needs volunteers for these positions. They are current as of October 14, 2013. Please apply only if you are serious, will do your agreed job, and will let us know in the event you no longer wish to participate. Write for details. Pick out a position and volunteer today!

Social Media Tech

The Social Media Tech will compose relevant, regular, and interactive content to Facebook, Twiiter, and any other social media conduits we create — on official RTV accounts and with impeccably professional conduct. (This will likely break into multiple positions once we are properly setup and rolling along.) Social Media Tech also works with Chief Editor on the most effective ways to utilize social media, such as suggesting FB-only sales. This position should be filled by someone diurnal.

Practitioner Liaison

The Practitioner Liaison will maintain complete and accurate practitioner records including but not limited to: RTV official paperwork, client appointments and payments, schedules and availability times. This position includes communicating with practitioners to help them gain best exposure, and to encourage them to devote some energy to this project.

Contributor Liaison

The Contributor Liaison will maintain complete and accurate contributor records, including but not limited to RTV official paperwork, a complete folder of original and/or revised submissions (per contributor), etc. Liaison will re-establish and/or maintain contact with contributors and encourage new submissions.

Marketing/Public Relations Tech

The Public Relations Tech will create new promotions for the site to run, and new ways to promote the site. This position comes with intrinsic authority and additional responsibility, as the PR Guru oversees the Social Media Tech, and any other positions which exist or may be created that include interacting with the public. Until such time as an Advertising Tech is found, the PR Tech will also handle the duties below.

The Advertising Tech will be in charge of finding websites that would be of interest to the RTV readers, and soliciting them for ads. This includes collection and management of ad text and/or graphics, supervising the appropriate ad content and size, and working in tandem with the Analytics Tech. This position would also include checking out the websites of anyone coming to us and asking for ad space.

Customer Relations Tech

The CR Tech will be responsible for creating and maintaining the FAQ, manning the Help Desk, and fielding service inquiry emails (several per week).

Retail Tech

The Retail Tech will be responsible for setting up and maintaining a full Rending the Veil online store, running promotions and sales, delegating orders for shipping, and handling store-related customer service inquiries.

IT and Security Techs

The IT Tech ;) must be proficient in PHP, and familiarity with WordPress hacks is a big plus. IT Tech will implement and likely create custom WordPress plugins for exclusive use or shared us, including ways to gamify (i.e. install fun incentives) the site, as well as other methods of incentive. A program to draw new clients and practitioners — active bloggers and forum users — without excluding current users is prefereable. Note that other custom request lurk in the wings.

The eventually separate Security Tech will be responsible for hack-proofing the site as it grows. Only experienced people need apply, and be prepared to show references and undergo at least one interview, despite the fact that this is also a volunteer and not a paid position (until such time as we are actually solvent).

Analytics Tech

The Analytics Tech will determine the demographics of the Rending the Veil readership, and devise the most effective and appropriate ways to market various aspects of the site to our readers. This position will work as — or hand in hand with, depending on availability of an additional volunteer — the Public Relations Tech, as per the description below. Analytics Tech should be someone with an understanding of SEO, PPC advertising, advertising alternatives, et al.

Video Tech

Video Tech will be in charge on setting up and running our video production department, wherein we intend to produce demonstrational occult video. Video Tech will oversee creation (using a webcam, videocam, or other means of recording video) of videos demonstrating various magical exercises and rituals. These videos will be available for download and/or on DVD. Videos will be converted to appropriate file types for the media involved, and will be edited for highest possible quality.

Newsletter Tech

The Newsletter Tech will create and maintain a regular RTV newsletter for online distribution to subscribers. This Tech will also assist anyone else who wants to set up a newsletter for us, and will then oversee the other newsletters.

Forum Tech

Forum Tech will be responsible for policing the RTV forums, initially as a whole and then, as it grows, overseeing submoderators delegated to individual forum areas. RTV has attempted forums before, but for lack of a some dedicated attention, they failed to take off. Therefore, the Forum Tech needs to promote the forums in other places (as permitted). Forum Tech (and subsequent submods) must be experienced magicians who can moderate diplomatically. References may be required, and maturity and moderator experience are big pluses.

Submissions Editor

The Submissions Editor will be in charge of soliciting new material and fielding unsolicited submissions. This would include engaging with current contributors to generate new content, gathering submissions, and forwarding them to the copy editors. This also includes posting to solicit new content in pertinent forums that welcome such postings. At a later date, if necessary, this position will break down into sectors such as columns, articles, fiction, etc.

Copy Editors

Copy editors review submissions as received from the Submissions editor prior to publication, ensure any submission research is properly done and accurate, find areas in need of clarification or elaboration, and make sure that all references are cited with all information included; this includes proofreading for spelling errors, punctuation errors, etc. Copy Editors will be working back and forth with the writer of the piece, or with the Submissions Editor (as needed), to expedite preparation for publication. Specific guidelines for editors are provided.

Senior Art Gallery Tech (may be to come; may be retired)

The Senior Art Gallery Tech will be in charge of assisting new and existing artists with their gallery accounts, maintaining the galleries according to (upcoming) RTV Gallery guidelines and terms, ensuring that customers and artists achieve a successful conclusion to their transaction, and possibly a bookkeeping aspect, working with fees and commissions for the site as a whole. (Specifics will be determined later.)

Accepting New Content

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Accepting New Content

Rending the Veil is pleased to announce that we are accepting new content of all types: nonfiction, fiction, poetry, graphic or photographic art, reviews of wide variety, relevant op/ed pieces, and interviews. We prefer original content not used elsewhere and to remain exclusive to us for 120 days. You always retain full rights to your work.

We also have a new poll in the sidebar; vote if you like clicking things or care about the metatopic. EDIT: Please vote. It’s a very lonely poll and has been somewhat neglected since this post. /edit

How would you feel about us presenting, on a regular timeline, a new ritual for you to try out, then to report back on about your results? How would you like to be involved in a peer-reviewed esoteric research area? We’re calling it “Magick in Theory and Practice.” I wonder how we came up with that…

If you have any sort of home based business, esoteric group, or anything else that could use some attention, please take out a free classified ad. Ads are free for 30 days. After that, you’ll have to renew (but they might still be free). If you contact me, I might be open to leaving your ad up indefinitely.

So, should we use advertising on the site, or hold a fundraiser to get us through the next year? I could actually pay for exposure and for submissions. What do you think? Vote in the poll to let me know.

If you haven’t looked at our new Services section, you should check it out. Amazing people are involved, and you can work with them one-on-one. We’re still adding a lot of the descriptive pages, but there’s a huge list of available services, from Reiki attunements to tarot readings to private instruction in a variety of magical practices — all priced at amazingly low rates, compared to the usual “psychic” site you run into.

Leave us a comment to let us know you’re still watching us! And enjoy your Halloween~

— Sheta & crew

New and Free for a Limited Time – Classifieds

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New and Free for a Limited Time - Classifieds

Rending the Veil has happily added Classified Ads, and we’re offering the first 50 ads free for anything legal and non-porn. Sign up here to get your free ad now! (It’s possible you must be logged in; if so, just register for a free RTV account and voila! You can log in.) Share this widely, and if it’s popular I may extend the offer. The more people who know, the more who will read your ad! ;)

News 22 May 2013

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News 22 May 2013

Sometime within the next day or two, you will see appear — like magic! — a new link in the navigation bar. It will say something like “Cool Stuff,” and will lead to our internal shop, where we’re gonna be offering up body jewelry, to start with, and then… who knows? So check it out, and come back often. I’ll update here with the link when the page is up.

EDIT: The new cool stuff page is here. It’s linked under the Resources tab at the top. This page has been taken down for now because, eww, I hated it. So stay tuned for a real storefront. Yay, more work!

Sales this week, through Sunday:

  • Dydan is offering a $10 Single Question Tarot Reading and 20% off other tarot services.
  • Sheta is offering her still-unnamed “Spirit Identification & Description Service” for $35/hour. That’s almost 50% off!
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