Please Donate! We Need Help.

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Please Donate! We Need Help.

I just paid the domain name on this site a couple of weeks ago, and I was a few hours late. It didn’t go unnoticed, and a friend/colleague of mine panicked at the temporary loss of her very active RTV blog. The sad fact is that if anything remotely unexpected happens, I become in immediate danger of not getting by… and due to that fact, the site was down. (I still ended up with fees. Ah well.)

Rending the Veil, the website, first “opened” in December of 2006 with the premiere of our Yule issue. I have never once asked our readers for a dime (though I’ve asked for help from interested and actively parties twice). I am asking now, because I am in serious danger. My brother passed last month, as I mentioned in a previous (rather lacrimose) post, and last night my favorite indoor-only cat escaped and we can’t find him. If he is gone, that’s my third heavy loss this year, and I’m at the end of my coping skills. My brother’s death put September’s finances in a tailspin and so I started the month seriously overdrawn. I need your help. I still have to pay the hosting for the site every month, along with the various other subscriptions and plugins and so forth that require funding. So, for eight years I have not asked for money. Maybe you will find eight years of pretty good service worth sending a few bucks.

I’m going to link to my personal fundraiser and to the WePay gateway with my Everbutton. The fundraiser is older so don’t let the amount fool you. Right now it’s at $836 but no one has given in a while (except one person two weeks ago); the stated desired amount is $3000, and that would really save my ass right now. If you can afford to give, please don’t wait until later — do it now. I need it that badly.

Here’s the url to the fundraiser:
And here’s the Everbutton: It’s a bit different than PayPal, but alas I cannot get PayPal because I am in arrears. Yippee. See how it goes?

Thank you so much for reading this.

A Very Strange Inquiry for You

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A Very Strange Inquiry for You

Two weeks ago, my younger brother passed away very suddenly with congestive heart failure, and one of the effects of my grieving process is a stark look at just how fleeting our lives are. David, my brother, received packages after his death — items he’d ordered as part of a project he was working on. He was not planning to exit the world just yet, and there’s the point. We’re never ready to go, unless we’re 95. We always have other plans. We think there’s time. But now I find myself acutely aware of the possibility that time is really what we don’t have.

If I were to die, I’d like to see RTV go to someone who would carry on. If you’d like a nomination, make sure I know about it.

And on a more personal note,
I am a strange, introverted person with many little journals and odd bits of self-expression, and a lot of funky knickknack type things. If I am in some way meaningful for you, and you’d want something of mine if I died, fill out the confidential contact form (if it works) or comment here. Make sure I have your mailing address. And if you know what you’d want, tell me.

You Can Do Better. We all can do better.

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You Can Do Better. We all can do better.

I know there have been some rough years for each of us, sometimes a bunch in a row. But we always get through it if we just don’t abandon our goals within, even if we don’t always see any evidence of them meaning a damn thing in the outer world. Just, basically, you know, don’t forget.

But the worst part of all that arid landscape is how we often fail to recognize our fellow travelers and gain a little support for each other, just by being there. I (Sheta) am guilty of this; as an introvert, I need solitude and space to work things through internally and find a comfortable understanding, or at least a functional one. I tend to forget to maintain other things when I get hyper-focused on something else. I tend to let months go by between reaching out to friends. And I tend to shoulder too much weight where it is absolutely unnecessary and often nonexistent. I value the input of many people but we all seem to be less than stellar pen pals or chat buddies, as a general rule. So here I issue my invitation to you, my Fellow Traveler.

We really, honestly, would love a look at that submission right now. Mail it either to or to (Please, for the love of all that’s holy, put your name and email address within the article document. Emails don’t save to drives when the documents are stored. Just saying.) Send us your well thought reviews, your stories, your art, but most of all your articles. We want them, right now.

Sheta needs someone with php skills to sign on as an adviser or occasional code tweaker for the site. I’ve been trying to work around some issues and it’s not going to continue. You might notice that coming to the site often tells you to log in before you can create a site. I have no idea why that happens, and it’s making me insane. If you can help, email me directly at Sorry, I can’t pay you. We don’t get paid here. We haven’t been horribly motivated on the whole “get paid” united front. Oops.

This is your alarm clock ringing. Don’t sit there and bemoan the lack of water. Reach out and shake hands.

Oops. Pardon our… confetti explosion

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Oops. Pardon our... confetti explosion

Sheta broke the site. And is working to fix it. Sorry for the eyesore.

Edit 11:00 p.m. March 24, 2014: All better now. It took me a while to locate a backup. That done, does anyone find the fonts on the site too small?

From the Editor – Avoiding Bias in Reviews

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From the Editor - Avoiding Bias in Reviews

I had originally intended to write a review for Donald Tyson’s Necronomicon Tarot, to be published alongside Lon Sarver’s review in this issue. As I read Lon’s perspective and reflected on my relationship with Don — who’s been a close friend of mine for nearly a decade — I realized that my bias was firmly in the way of composing an objective review.

I’d been confronted with the issue of bias once before, when I’d considered reviewing an anthology by Taylor Ellwood, a colleague of mine at Immanion Press. Such a dilemma was a new experience for me. I bowed out of reviewing that book, and never gave the matter much further thought. Now that it’s happened again, I have to consider that reviewing the works of anyone who has previously contributed to this magazine (or whom I already know) is a conflict of interest. For this reason, I won’t be reviewing any of Tyson’s works, now or in the future. I apologize to anyone who may have been expecting one, and direct you to Lon’s review instead. He did a good job.

— Sheta Kaey

From the Editor will be a semi-regular column by Sheta Kaey, concerning issues confronting Rending the Veil, its management, and its future. Sheta is Editor in Chief of Rending the Veil and is working on her first book.

©2009 Sheta Kaey

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