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Chaos Magick - Iconography

Every witch is familiar with intention-based magickal workings — Know Thy Will, focus intention through a process or on an object, direct the focused energy, then expect manifestation. For simple example, my Will is “I will be healthy and fit.” I then focus my intention of health onto an apple, directing that intention by eating an apple several times per day. Finally, I expect my body to manifest itself as healthy and fit. (Yes, sometimes magick is really that simple.)

I prefer intention-based magick when performing Elemental workings. But when Chaos is my ritual’s force majeure, nonintention seems to be most effective. After all, as powerful as consciousness is, it is also exactly what can screw up a spell. Self-sabotage is often subconscious, and quickly and cleanly effective. Working with Chaos through nonintent ritual eliminates the consciousness variable by allowing the unmanifest to randomly express exactly what you didn’t know you had Willed in an act of pure epigenius. Wild Chaos. Wise Discord.

Nonintention-based magical workings vary slightly from the intention-based sort: Know Thy Will, erase intentions from the conscious mind through an automatic perfection task, imprint task’s perfected symbol of forgotten intention onto the unconscious, live your life and forget about all of it.

Austin Osman Spare’s sigil magick is a beautiful system of nonintent. Even the simplest sigil spell is extremely effective. An outline for creating a basic sigil is: I write out my Will in capitol letters; “I WILL BE COVETED”. Then I begin the process of erasing my intention by crossing out any letter that appears twice, leaving me with; “IWBCOVTD.” I write the remaining letters directly on top of one another, noticing what new shapes are being made. Sketching and resketching my way into artistic trance where I am essentially performing automatic drawing, I define a new story from the previously overlapped shapes. My goal is perfection of the sigil, not artistic merit (necessarily). The task is perfect when I am done. I then imprint the new sigil deeply into the unconscious through orgasm, entheogen or physical exhaustion. Finally, I forget about forgetting about it and live my life.

The challenge and opportunity in this style of Chaos Magick lies in the honest erasing of intent. If I am thinking about “being coveted,” or thinking about “forgetting the desire to be coveted” while drawing, I am performing an intention-based working rather than a nonintent working. Success in sigil magick in this case, would be defined by becoming completely unable to recall one’s original intent. The honest erasing is the key.

Recently, a fellow Chaote partnered with me on an advanced sigil working that assures I have no idea what I’m working towards. Hail, Discord! Here is how we, together, achieved a powerful symbol of Forgotten Intention:

Advanced Sigil Working: Partner Iconography

  1. Know Thy Will and from it, locate your intent. I honestly cannot remember what my intent was upon start of this sigil working. Well done.

  3. Convey that intention to your magical partner. In this case, Chaote and professional magickal artist, Nemo, was my partner. In an email I suggested my now forgotten intention to Nemo, blurring the original intent already. The process of forgetting began with the first communication.

  5. Your magical partner now creates the sigil through automatic drawing. Nemo, in this case tells me that he held space for my original intent, and then concentrated so deeply that he tranced out, surrendering all my (and his) intention to the spirit that wished to be drawn. Again, we stepped even further away from my original intent.
  6. On this, Nemo adds, “My own form of ‘forgetting’ is done by trance. . . akin to making the outline of a form with intention and then filling in the details by intuition/ deep-mind/ trance/ universal-will. . .” and, “The key to making this kind of painting is to focus on your intent so deeply, you forget it at the moment of manifestation.”

  7. You receive the finished artwork, then imprint the entirely new symbol of forgotten intent onto the unconscious. In this case, Nemo created a vibrant piece of art in the center of which is my glowing image. We’ve coined this artistic sigil style Iconography. I imprinted my Icon into the unconscious by dancing about it, around it, in front of it until I was flat with exhaustion. I then meditated on its visual for three days more.

  9. Finally, appreciate the artwork and live your life. All of this comprises a forgetting technique. I appreciated Nemo’s art as a magnificent masterpiece and displayed it on my hearth. Friends commented on it, it brightened my Beltane eventing. By trusting a magical partner with my intention, allowing him to transform intention into an original piece of art, and relating to the artwork as nothing more than beautiful artwork, I have honestly forgotten my original intent. And don’t you know, without me knowing, this new symbol presents itself to me throughout my daily life in different forms — I see a cactus in a Hollywood garden, I dream of candy cane octopi, I enjoy the sight of the art on my mantle.

Together, Nemo and I have created a path for random genius to emerge — in a form of its own unexpected choosing, and without the chance for my conscious mind to interfere. I am working with the unmanifest here. My Will is done without me even knowing it.

So mote it be.

©2009 by Tonya Kay.
Edited by Sheta Kaey.

Tonya Kay is an actress, pro dancer, danger artist and raw vegan renegade appearing this year on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, CBS’s Criminal Minds, Comedy Central’s Secret Girlfriend, Showtime’s Live Nude Comedy and the History Channel’s More Extreme Marksmen. Look for Tonya Kay, starring in Jim Balent’s comic book series Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose, the pagan-centric 9-years-running comic (released Nov 25). For a complete nutritional analysis of Tonya Kay’s athletic raw vegan diet, visit

The Otherkin Avatar Project

The Otherkin Avatar Project

The Otherkin community is a fascinating collection of individuals, all of whom feel as if they are differently souled. Although in human form, Otherkin believe that the essence of who and what they are originated elsewhere and can most often be associated with mythical beings, such as elves or faeries, dragons or gryphons. I was first introduced to the Otherkin community on the cusp of the new millennium, and, although I was skeptical at first, I came to accept that there is something to Otherkin claims. As someone who, because of my regularly need for the life-energy of others, has adopted the word “vampire” in reference to myself, I could hardly throw stones at Otherkin elves who explained that they did not believe that they were pointy-eared rangers straight out of Tolkien or D&D, but that the mythic archetype we have come to recognize as an elf best described what they felt their soul originate as. If we accept that the soul exists and, furthermore, accept that it is immortal, then we have to acknowledge that it has probably gone through a multiplicity of genders, races, and forms just on the basis that nothing — not even species or planets — lasts forever, at least not in the physical realm.

I had my widest exposure to the Otherkin community at a small Canadian convention called Kinvention North. From 2001 onward, I often appeared as a speaker there, and my presentations were popular with many of the attendees. When I was asked to do the closing ritual at Kinvention North 2004, I put a great deal of thought into the undertaking. As most people know, I have my own Kheprian system, and while I have ties to the ‘kin, I am foremost involved with the vampire subculture. Kheprian rituals have their own unique energy, and most vampire rituals are don’t really fit when working with the Otherkin. What I needed to do was design a ritual that was completely Otherkin in energy — and this would mean running ritual in a fashion that isn’t exactly normal for me. I’ve run both Wiccan and Pagan rituals very successfully, and so I knew this wasn’t beyond me as a ritualist. In general, writing a ritual in any tradition just requires the ritualist to tap into the unique energy that is the heart of that tradition. Each system has its own symbols, its own language, and its own archetypes. So to successfully design and run the KinNorth ritual, I had to essentially travel to the source of these in the mythic imagination and allow what I found there to flow through me.

To tap into this essence, I started with the symbol of the Otherkin: the Seven-Pointed Star, also known as the Elven Star or the Faery Star. As I understand it, this symbol is recognized by the majority of the Otherkin community, and it serves as an expression of Otherkin diversity. Because Otherkin by nature draw from a wide variety of races, traditions, and points of origin, the Star is one of the few common elements shared by all the Otherkin. As the archetypal common ground, the Star provided a point of entry into the vibration or “flow” of the ‘kin.

Prior to designing the ritual, I did some meditation with the Seven-Pointed Star. These were basically pathworkings where I approached the symbol of the Star as an archetype, and allowed it to speak to me. It soon became clear that there were several voices within the Star — one for each of its points. These were essentially Avatars of elements and races unique to the ‘kin.

To design this ritual, I let the Star Avatars speak to me. All Seven appeared in succession, revealing their forms and sigils for invoking. They each told me their Names and the symbols of office they wished to be represented by. They told me what elements, colors, and concepts they are associated with (although several were associated with common elements, they were never as simple as one element and one concept — the avatars are multifaceted beings, each as diverse as the ‘kin they embody).

Some came forward and spoke right away. These had bold voices that were hard to mistake. A few were less direct with me, even hesitant in their contact. The last one to come forward was the hardest to understand, for s/he was most unlike my own nature and anything I had a context for. But it was contact with this one (called Illana) that convinced me beyond a doubt that I was dealing with essences both unique and outside of me, as s/he was totally alien to anything I previously had known.

The Avatars each have many shapes and many Names, and during our conversations, they frequently shifted from one face to another while still retaining their overall “feel.” I’ve come to associate such flux with the ‘kin, so it really didn’t come as a surprise when it was a fundamental part of the avatars. The complexity and diversity of the Avatars was also in keeping with what I understand such avatars to be — which is essentially an embodiment of a higher emanation, a fragment of divinity that is more complete and closer to the Source than you or me.

As I had originally planned to only invoke the Avatars like Watchtowers at the Quarters, I asked the directions they were associated with — and in a few cases, the answer came as a surprise. The traditional Pagan directions are abandoned in favor of what the Avatars themselves declared. The least traditional of any of them, of course, was Illana, who seems to embody the most “other” element of all of them.

The Avatars had their own idea of how the ritual should proceed, and they didn’t hesitate in telling me so. As I had already agreed to serve as a channel in this and not impose my own expectations or traditions upon it, I let them speak freely. The resulting rite gives a great deal of time to the Avatars of the Star, and I have been assured that they will fill in the blanks when the time comes. During our interactions, they had made a number of other statements which, while mysterious at first, later proved to be true — so I’ve definitely learned to trust them.

The whole experience has been fascinating for me, as I don’t usually go talking to so-called “higher powers.” For my own rituals, I draw everything from my Self, and Kheprian rituals also draw only upon the Selves of those involved. But this is not a Kheprian rite I am running, and the ‘kin do not function by Kheprian rules. My role in this is purely as an intermediary and mouthpiece. I’m fairly certain that the things I tapped into were already there, and I’ve done my best to be a clear channel for them, allowing the information to come through with as little distortion as possible.

What I see before me is a very powerful rite — one that I think will be inspiring for those who participate in it. As we are dealing with Avatars and giving each of them a chance to speak, the real outcome and message of the ritual is an unknown and can only be experienced. I’ve built the framework, but the Avatars themselves will tell us what needs to be known. They’ve been very interesting to work with, and I look forward to future interactions with their energy.

Finally, because I know there will be a widespread interest in it, I am making this ritual available to the general community. Others who wish to experiment with contacting these Avatars are encouraged to do so. I am very curious about how they might manifest to other people and how harnessing their energy might serve to help and empower the community of Otherkin.

What I would especially like to see are rituals that integrate the Avatars in smaller group work. While a ritual that involves 70+ people is impressive just by dint of the numbers, there is often little chance for group participation all around. It’s very difficult to make time for everyone present in such a large ritual to directly participate in the action. Smaller rituals with ten to fifteen people have always seemed more personal and more ideal to me because everyone can play some role in the preparation and ritual action. I would be very interested to see the difference between this invocation run in a large group and how things play out in a smaller, more directly involved group.

Open Letter to the Avatar Hosts


This is the letter that went out prior to the ritual to the first and second choices for the Avatar hosts:

“I’ll need you to meet with me about an hour before the ritual is actually scheduled to start. Come prepared to this and already wearing most of what you’re going to wear as the Avatar. We can touch up the costumes at this time, make any last minute changes, etc.

“Each Avatar has a sigil. I’ll apply this to your forehead with body paint prior to the ritual. This will be a minor invoking — kind of priming you to the energy but not fully calling the Avatar down. I’ll have veils to drape over each of you and, once you’re ready, you’ll be arranged around where the circle will be formed. Stand still, like a statue, and wait until you hear your Avatar called at this point. I want to build the mystery a bit, and I’ll have the rest of the people come in and form a circle around you, building energy in the center of the room.

“I’ll talk a little bit, doing the intro to the ritual, then I’ll call the “quarters.” When I call the Avatar you represent, pull off the veil, leave it where it falls, and step forward to the center of the circle. There will be a small table set up there with the Avatars’ symbols of office on it. Pick up the one that’s appropriate to you, and then stand in the center facing out toward the larger circle. All seven of you will stand in a tight knot at the center of the ritual space, almost shoulder-to-shoulder, looking out at everyone else.

“I’ll talk a little more, and then I’ll do the full invoking. This will involve me Calling the Avatar with a larger description and scribing the sigil in energy before you. The energy of the Avatar will wash over you completely at this point, and it will be like draping a robe of office over who you already are. You will hear/feel what the Avatar wants to say, but you will also have influence of how this is ultimately expressed. You will not lose your sense of Self totally unless you allow it; if you wish to surrender completely to the presence of the Avatar, that will be a matter of personal choice.

“The core of the ritual is that each Avatar is asked for his/her advice on a matter of importance to the ‘kin community. I’ll go right round through all of them, then dismiss them. When the Avatars are dismissed, step back out of the inner circle and move to a point close to the outer circle again, as the energy of the Avatar slips off of you. If you feel compelled to do or say anything before the Avatar fully departs, go with it — I have a feeling they have a couple of surprises for us.

“Attached is the full ritual in MSWord format.

“If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me. I’ll be traveling a bit with the band the next few days but will make every effort to check my email in case there are any inquiries.”

Details of the Invocation


This is a letter which explained my vision for the Avatar Invocation. It covers what I was aiming to accomplish with the Avatars, how I approached the KinNorth ritual, and what I expected from those individuals who would be hosting the Avatars.

“I am going to be a little more elaborate and organized with ritual this year than previously. The time we are in I believe calls for this. To this end, I would like to request your help with the ritual.

“The core of this ritual will be an invoking. I shall call upon avatars tied to each aspect of the Seven-Pointed Star. Individuals from the gathering will be chosen to embody these. As the rite progresses, I will invoke the Avatar fully into these people — much like Drawing Down the Moon, only the beings we are Calling are avatars of ‘kin archetypes rather than traditional goddesses and gods.

“The people involved in the invocation have to be comfortable with the idea of channeling something greater than themselves. This will not be like possession, where a deity or spirit takes complete control of your body and you have no consciousness during the events. This will be much more gentle.

“The energy of the Avatar will wash over you, and it will be like draping a robe of office over who you already are. You will hear/feel what the Avatar wants to say, but you will also have influence of how this is ultimately expressed. This is not intended to be possession. You will not loose your sense of Self totally unless you allow it; if you wish to surrender completely to the presence of the Avatar, that will be a matter of personal choice.

“In all cases, I’ve tagged people for the roles because the individuals already embody the archetype that Avatar represents to one extent or another, and in a way I would merely be invoking a greater aspect of their Selves. The resonant energy already present in these individuals will help facilitate the invocation.

“Each Avatar has a sigil, which will be scribed upon each person’s forehead, and each Avatar also has a symbol of office, which the person embodying that Avatar will take up once the Avatar is Called.

“Key things for this ritual to succeed: I need the people who will embody the Avatars to really get into their roles. For the ritual, I would want them to dress the part, adopting attire more elaborate than usual to help really build the ritual atmosphere. This rite is a little more theatrical than what I ordinarily run, and there is a conscious heightening of the mystique of the work that should help create an atmosphere appropriate for drawing the Avatars down. I want the ritual to really speak to people, and I want to allow the Avatars the freedom to speak in whatever manner they deem most appropriate for the time, the people, and the place of the rite.

“If there is time, we might experiment with an invocation of the Avatars for the “Come as you really are” party to see how it feels/works.”

Sigils and Descriptions of the Avatars


The following is a list of the seven Avatars that manifested to me during pathworking on the Elven Star. Fenecai was the first to make contact, and true to his nature, he came on like a ton of bricks and was amazingly hard to ignore. Once I was certain I’d contacted something that was truly outside of me, I did further pathworkings to determine what directions the Avatars were connected with, their respective colors, metals, and other associations, and the qualities that defined them. All these are listed here, along with the sigils for each Avatar.

Fenecai (FEHN-nuh-kye)

Sigil of Fenecai
  • Title: Lord of Fire
  • Gender: Dark/destructive masculine
  • Element: Fire
  • Direction: West
  • Color(s): Red, orange, black
  • Symbol: Rod of Kingship or pole-arm
  • Metal: Brass
  • Planet: Mars
  • Races: The fierce dragons of the heights, phoenixes, stonewings, and sons of the forge.
  • Essence: Destruction and renewal; cataclysmic change.
  • Appearance: Big, broad-shouldered Draconian warrior with outspread wings. Wears armor and carries a halberd-type weapon. Shifts occasionally to a phoenix of flame. Sometimes in his draconian form, his wings and talons trail fire. Moves ponderously but then lashes out in sudden, powerful strikes. An alternate form is the Forge Lord, a fierce dwarven warrior with flame-red hair and beard.

Elerian (ay-LAY-ree-ahn)

Sigil of Elerian
  • Title: Lord of the Shining Host
  • Gender: Feminine androgyne
  • Element: Light
  • Direction: Above
  • Color(s): White, yellow, silver
  • Symbol: Musical instrument (lyre or flute)
  • Metal: Platinum or gold
  • Planet: Sun
  • Races: Elves and all fey
  • Essence: (Positive) magick, beauty, creativity and song
  • Description: Lithe and fine-boned elf with pale skin and long, reddish-blond hair. Wears a long, flowing robe that is an almost luminous white shot through with gold and silver thread. Wears a collar or torque of gold. Carries a lyre, lute, or flute. Dreamy, flowing movements — exceptionally graceful.
  • Hss’tah Feliss (huss-TAH feh-LEESS)

Sigil of Hss’tah Feliss
  • Title: Huntress-Priestess
  • Gender: Dark/destructive feminine
  • Element: Darkness
  • Direction: Belo_
  • Color(s): Gray, black, indigo
  • Symbol: Small curved blade
  • Metal: Silver
  • Planet: Moon
  • Races: Felines, and all who are children of darkness and shadow
  • Essence: (Dark) magick, night, shadows, mystery — that which is hidden or obscured from view.
  • Description: A petite, wiry felinoid whose short, soft fur is the color of deep shadow rippled with true black. Wears bracers of soft leather inscribed with designs. Minimal clothing, also of leather &ndash deep brown or black. Carries at least one small, curve-bladed knife. Sometimes appears covered head to foot in a soft black cloak. Moves gracefully, but in an almost threatening way — like she is constantly stalking something and just about ready to pounce. Has a dark sexual allure and this is visible in the way she moves as well.
  • Gwidorian (gweh-DOHR-ree-ahn)

Sigil of Gwidorian
  • Title: Lord of the Wilding
  • Gender: Positive/generative masculine
  • Element: Earth
  • Direction: South
  • Color(s): Brown, green, earth tones
  • Symbol: Living Staff (wooden staff entwined with ivy)
  • Metal: Iron
  • Planet: Earth
  • Races: Therians, animal-kin, hybrids: centaurs, satyrs, etc.; all children of the woodlands, wilds, and earth.
  • Essence: Vitality, sex, nature, all primal things
  • Description: Variously a centaur, a stag-man, and a man-wolf. Ithyphallic (i.e., he’s hung and he’s happy). Has a distinct Dionysian aspect, and I keep seeing him with a wreath of grapevines (complete with dangling bunches of grapes) in his hair. If he’s wearing clothing, he wears a long, flowing cloak the reddish-brown color of both dried blood and rich earth. Beneath that, he wears a tunic of deep green (usually with his privates exposed).
  • Sephiriel (she-FEER-ree-el)

Sigil of Sephiriel
  • Title: Storm-Singer
  • Gender: Masculine androgyne
  • Element: Wind (air)
  • Direction: North
  • Color(s): Light blue, gray, silver
  • Symbol: Writing quill or sword
  • Metal: Quicksilver
  • Planet: Jupiter (he says Mercury is not a planet)
  • Races: Celestials, angels, nephilim, children of air and winged ones.
  • Essence: Thought, Will, judgment, the Word.
  • Description: Tall, thin, and sharp-faced with shoulder-length pale (gray?) hair. Wears either a loose-fitting tunic of grayish-white material or the tunic with a breastplate of some non-lustrous gray metal that is neither silver nor steel. Also wears bracers, greaves, and a thin circlet of the same strange metal. A little haughty and detached. Economical but swift movements.
  • Neride Eyooli (neh-REED ee-YOOL-ee)

Sigil of Neride Eyooli
  • Title: Lady of Waters
  • Gender: Positive/generative feminine
  • Element: Water
  • Direction: East
  • Color(s): Blue, green, purple
  • Symbol: Scrying bowl or sphere
  • Metal: Copper
  • Planet: Venus
  • Races: The wise dragons of the depths, nagas, undines, naiads, asrai, and all children of the tides.
  • Essence: Healing, emotion, vision, flow
  • Description: Long flowing hair with beads and shells tied to the strands. Kohled eyes. Wears nets or veils of many colors. Lots of jewelry. Moves fluidly, sensuously. She is also a dancer.
  • Illana (ehl-LAHN-nah)

Sigil of Illana
  • Title: We of the Dreaming
  • Gender: Plural
  • Element: Dream/magick/glamour
  • Direction: Within
  • Color(s): All and none
  • Symbol: Sphere of crystal or a mirror
  • Metal: Glass/crystal
  • Planet: The multiplicity of worlds
  • Races: All, the many-souled
  • Essence: Glamoury, magick, Awakening
  • Description: Veiled in iridescent, translucent colorless material that looks like it’s been spun from rainbows and spider webs. Almost completely covered head to toe. All you can clearly see are her hands. Everything else keeps shifting — and even this form is a compromise, for otherwise they keep cycling through a multiplicity of forms and faces almost too rapidly to see. The most uncanny and “other” of all the Avatars.
  • Invocation of the Seven-Pointed Star


    Here is the actual ritual as it was run at Kinvention North on March 14, 2004. The actual words of the Avatars were not recorded and were experienced directly by those present for the ritual.


    An altar is set up in the middle of the ritual space. The symbols of office for each Avatar are arranged upon this: a halberd or war-axe for Fenecai; a flute for Elerian; a staff for Gwidorian; a quill and parchment for Sephiriel (or alternately a sword); a scrying sphere for Neride; a curved dagger for Hss’tah; a mirror or clear sphere for Illana.

    The ritual space is cleansed, and those who will work directly with the Avatars prepare themselves to be receptive to the energy, meditating on their particular Avatar. Once the people who will embody the Avatars are ready, the sigils are scribed on their foreheads. As the sigils are scribed, the throat and solar plexus chakras are opened on each host to facilitate connection with the Avatars. The hosts range themselves around the inside of the circle and are covered with veils. Once they are ready, the rest of the participants enter and form a circle around the inner circle of the Avatars.

    The Gathering:

    First, I want you all to join hands and gather energy. Each of you draw from the essence of what you are, where you come from, all of the elements and forces that feed your soul.

    Now, as a group, cycle, refine, and combine these. Weave these varying energies into something that is greater than the sum of its parts. As you refine it, focus it here, in the center of our circle.

    What we are building now is a Between-space, a place of crossing over. You can envision it as a temple, or simply a glowing, sacred sphere. It is in this Space that I will invoke the Seven-Pointed Star.

    As we work with the Star of the Otherkin, I shall serve as mediator.

    I am Seth, Setem-Ansi, Sem-Asa. These are my Names. I am a Walker-Between, and in this rite, I shall be both Priest and Shaman, serving as the intermediary between you and the Avatars that we Call.

    In this space we will have communion with beings greater than ourselves. I will not call them gods, for I do not recognize gods as most people understand them. We are all emanations of Divinity, and therefore all beings are gods in their own right.

    And yet there is a hierarchy of emanation, and some beings are closer to the Source than others. Avatars such as these I shall call among us today. Now:

    The Calls:

    To the West, I Call thee, Fenecai, Lord of Fire: dragon and phoenix, who burns and renews.

    To the East, I Call thee, Neride Eyooli, Lady of Waters: healer and seer who flows with the tides.

    To the North, I Call thee: Sephiriel Storm-Singer: quick-witted angel whose sword is the Word.

    To the South, I Call thee: Gwidorian of the Wilding: Earthshaker, therian and animal lord.

    Above, I Call thee: Elerian, of the Shining Host: guardian of magick, beauty, and song.

    Below, I Call thee: Hss’tah Feliss: soft-footed huntress and priestess of night.

    And Within, I Call thee: Illana of the Dreaming: shaper of worlds and Awakener of souls.

    West and East,
    North and South,
    Above, Below, Within.
    I Call you here before me:
    Stand with us now
    as our Guardians and our Guides.

    The Time of Changes:

    Now my friends: The world is changing and we stand at the crux of it. We have longed for an Awakening, and now it rises around us like a tide. But as the veils slip away, our true nature is revealed. There is a crossroads here, and we must soon make a choice.

    We can stay in the shadows and hope to hide, or we can raise our voices and show the world our souls.

    By revealing ourselves, we take a great risk, but understanding and acceptance also lie along that route.

    We can choose the path of caution and remain hidden among humanity. But even in hiding, our safety is not guaranteed.

    This is our quandary: caution or risk? And if we risk revelation, do we have the strength and wisdom to succeed?

    Guardians of the Races; Watchtowers, Avatars all!
    We call on your power and wisdom to guide us in this time of change.


    As each Avatar is invoked, the leader of the ritual scribes the sigil upon the air, sending this resonant energy into the Avatar’s host.

    Lord of the Sweeping Flame; Mighty-Winged One:
    Ye who stand on the right hand of Destruction,
    Tearing apart worlds so creation begins.
    We seek your guidance: What can you give us that will help us succeed?

    (Fenecai imparts his message)

    Neride Eyooli:
    She of the Flowing Veils; Mutable One:
    Lady whose deep wells and healing waters
    Reveal Future, Truth, and Consequence.

    We seek your guidance: What can you give us that will help us succeed?

    (Neride imparts her message)

    Sephiriel Storm-Singer:
    Angel of Action; He of the Swift Wings:
    Keen-witted Judge and Guardian,
    Who sunders illusion, captivity, and deceit.
    We seek your guidance: What can you give us that will help us succeed?

    (Sephiriel imparts hes message)

    Lord of the Wild Places; Primal One:
    Ye who call us back to our beginnings,
    Hearkening to instinct and the lusty flow of life.
    We seek your guidance: What can you give us that will help us succeed?

    (Gwidorian imparts his message)

    The Beautiful; Fair Scion of Light:
    Ye whose music delights and inspires,
    Gifting the worlds with magick and joy.
    We seek your guidance: What can you give us that will help us succeed?

    (Elerian imparts hir message)

    Hss’tah Feliss:
    Walker of Shadows; Lady of the Silent Strike:
    Keeper of all things hidden,
    Whose mysteries may empower or destroy.
    We seek your guidance: What can you give us that will help us succeed?

    (Hss’tah imparts her message)

    And Illana:
    The Many-Souled; They Who Exist Within and Between:
    Whose glamour is both madness and revelation,
    Throwing wide the gates of consciousness and worlds.
    We seek your guidance: What can you give us that will help us succeed?

    (Illana imparts their message)

    (A moment of silence, to pause and reflect)

    The Avatars have spoken. Let us take their counsel and their gifts. Let us each carry these things within, so we may draw upon them when next in need of wisdom, strength, and guidance. Armed with these things, let us walk boldly forward toward the future we have conceived.


    Avatars! Watchtowers! Guardians of the Star!
    We thank you for your guidance,
    And for joining us in this space.
    Depart now freely and in peace.

    Fenecai and Neride:
    Peace, and depart.

    Sephiriel and Gwidorian:
    Peace, and depart.

    Elerian, Hss’tah Feliss
    Peace, and depart.

    All you who are Illana:
    Peace, and depart.

    (as the Avatars leave, they break the circle from various points. Those hosting the Avatars take some time alone to release the Avatars’ energy and recover themselves)

    This ritual now is ended.
    Peace, and depart.


    (All depart)

    Michelle Belanger is the author of The Psychic Energy Codex, The Psychic Vampire Codex, and Psychic Dreamwalking, among others. You can read her blog here and visit her website here.

    ©2008 Michelle Belanger
    Edited by Sheta Kaey

Legend of the Glyph, #2/2

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Legend of the Glyph, #2/2

Many people have been curious about our work with the glyph and have interacted with us on a number of levels in an attempt to understand what it is we’re doing. The following is the text of a sort of panel discussion in which these questions are addressed by the folks most intimately involved.

Interviewer: What the hell do you think you guys are doing?

Dr. Silver: In effect, we are trying to bring balance and harmony to our community by drawing upon the subtle forces of the cosmos and aligning them through the process of ritual with the larger macrocosm. Drawing upon the hexagram as the symbol of the macrocosm, and its embodiment in the planetary spheres. We are trying to “juice” our community with the radiant energy of the sun, in Tipareth. Source of Love, Compassion, and Beauty. Such energy is sorely needed in our world today.

Magnus Po: Birthing a machine which filters stray psychic emanations from a city into seven parts, those parts being analogous to the sevenfold division of humankind’s perception of the universe used in planetary magick. Workings then bring down additional energies to selected points for application.

Frater A.: I certainly can’t improve on that, aside from the remarks made earlier in the book.

Interviewer: What if somebody gets hurt? Helped?

Dr. Silver: What if? The actual causal relationships would be hard to track. My own philosophy states that pure will, unassuaged of purpose, and delivered of the lust of result, is in every way perfect. I’m comfortable with my intentions, and trust that whatever happens, or if anything happens at all, it will be for positive purposes.

Magnus Po: I suppose there is a possibility of woe in this as in any technology. The degree to which the innocent bystander is hurt is usually dependent on what kind of lunatic is at the wheel, what sort of idiot has his finger on the button & the specific type of imbecile at the controls. In this case I suppose that you will just have to take our word for it that we are just the right kinds of lunatics, certainly the correct types of idiots, and precisely the sorts of imbeciles you, and everyone else, would jump at the chance to place in positions of authority over a gargantuan world-changing energy juggernaut such as the Glyph. Actually we are all very ethical folks. Misuse in this generation is unlikely. As for the possibility of spontaneous dangerous effects on the energetic level I would suppose this to be most possible at the focii during a working. Those responsible would then be those affected.

Frater A.: We didn’t start this big puppy up without a pretty clear idea of how to shut it down if we have to. We expect subtle effects over the course of a few years…

Interviewer: What gives you the right? Did you study up on this first?

Dr. Silver: What gave the Druids the right to use Stonehenge? What gave the Egyptians the right to build the pyramids? Not that our project is anywhere so lofty, but the key is the intention and the perspiration behind that. We felt that our community with its rising crime, drug rates, road rage, family violence, police brutality, and such was an ideal candidate for bringing about change in conformity with Will. Our initial intention was positive, and instead of protests, sit ins, or political rallying, we choose to work in more subtle dimensions to facilitate change. All of us are quite well versed in magical philosophy and practice. My own interest as an anthropologist rested largely in my curiosity with Margaret Mead’s activities with a similar group in Denver.

Frater A.: I might add that what gives me the right, even the audacity, to run for public office, and, upon winning that office, make decisions that will affect thousands or even millions? It is much the same thing. We have a genuine willingness to improve the lives and lot of our fellows and of ourselves and are bending our will in that direction using the tools at our disposal.

Magnus Po: We are unaware of having stepped on someone’s toes and are eager to make right any injustice for which we are responsible. In terms of study this project is the overlap of our areas of obsession and that was how we came to it.

Interviewer: What’s with the Star of David?

Dr. Silver: The Star of David, or Hexagram, is a symbol of the Macrocosm in harmony. Two triangles symbolizing the “upper” celestial, and “lower” terrestrial energies come together to reflect the union of opposites in the coincidata oppositorum of the Cosmos. As the symbol of union, it rests in Tipareth, the Heart, were all dimensions meet. As such, it’s the ideal symbol for our purposes.

Magnus Po: This is actually a black-ops project of the Priory of Sion.

Frater A.: Oooh! That’s funny! We started by looking at the lay of the land and seeing what forms were suggested by it. We found a lot of geophysical features with relationships to each other of about 60 degrees and this suggested a triangle, not unlike the Denver device. However, a simple triangle suggests the number three and so the energies of Saturn. We didn’t want to build a device that manipulated odic force in a Saturnian way, so doubled the figure, checked it against the map and were amazed by the correspondences that resulted. We felt that something in the nature of Tipareth would serve us better; the project evolved from there.

Interviewer: To what end did you want to draw down the planetary energies?

Dr. Silver: In drawing upon the various planetary energies, we acknowledge all facets of being and respect their various spheres. Mars, Venus, Saturn, etc.… are all metaphorical expressions of dimensions of Being. As such, in our work we seek a holistic and integral harmony that shuts no key dimension out. The Blessing was meant as an overarching empowerment and harmonization for the town, though its effects are in no way geographically bounded by the hexagram itself.

Magnus Po: Possible applications are endless.

Frater A.: We’ve seen our odd-but-lovable city undergoing a certain cultural entropy and sought to, at the very least, attempt to balance the forces here on a large scale to see if it would have any notable effect, feeling that no significant harm is likely to arise.

Interviewer: Do you plan to use these energies in later workings?

Dr. Silver: I personally, plan to “use” these energies in as much as they affect me in my daily life in society.

Frater A.: It was assumed that the Glyph would provide concentrations of specific planetary energies and these energies might be used in, say, empowering a talisman. Talismanic magick has always interested me, partly because it is so easy to quantify/qualify the results of such magicks in a fairly scientific statistical manner: either a thing happens within a specified period or it doesn’t. Being an eyewitness to a number of talismanic “successes” and very few “failures” made a believer out of me years ago. The thought that these focuses might facilitate visioning “in the Spheres” was also been discussed at length, and our preliminary results are suggestive of success, but it’s too early to tell.

Interviewer: You drew all your triangles in the same direction. Do you think Tyson’s dictum against doing such has any merit?

Dr. Silver: I feel Tyson’s system works for him. I don’t feel there are such “hard and fast” rules in this game. The quality of intention is the key.

Frater A.: We were intrigued by this thought of tracing the triangles in both strengthening & balancing directions. We adhered pretty much to the G.D. figure because it was the only one we had to hand that made enough sense, what with designing heptarchic magick using a hexagonal figure. I’ve noticed that G.D. and derivative traditions seem to like to “wind up” a ritual (or force) using circumambulation while Aurum Solis (the framework within which we choose to operate) rites stress the balancing of such things. I suspect we thought of kicking the glyph into a sort of motion by invoking the presences/powers of the planets as thoroughly as we could. It makes a great deal of sense to us to conduct circumambulations in the manner Mr. Tyson’s method suggests and we have incorporated this in present works, as shown in earlier parts of the Book of the Glyph.

Interviewer: It seems that you were trying to evoke the power of the Sun with your hexagram. Does it make sense to do so by invoking the powers of all the planets?

Dr. Silver: As all the planets existence and energy emanates from the Sun, it makes total sense to invoke their power as expressions of the center of the solar system. Once again, in addressing the totality, all dimensions are seen in relationship to a larger whole.

Magnus Po: The emphasis on the Sun is, I think, incidental. The hexagram was settled on in large part for geographical reasons and this left one planet in the middle. The Sun was the obvious choice for cosmological^/psychological mirroring.

Frater A.: I’d like to think it wasn’t left so much to chance. We are invoking the qualities of the power of the Sun, e.g. harmony, balance. We see the entire figure of the Sun and his family of planets as creating a balanced figure in and of itself, which happens to be divisible into 7 discrete entities, each with their own unique utility. Considered Qabalistically, we are dealing with the Will, Tipareth and one’s Knowledge and Conversation with one’s Holy Guardian Angel, so I expect those sorts of energies to be magnified in some way, perhaps even if only on a small scale. I guess I mean to say that the Glyph is envisioned as taking in local, non-organized energy, then imparting a pattern to it. This energy is concentrated in various places but also spreads a harmonious influence within its bounds, radiating out into the adjoining countryside as far as whatever encountered friction allows. At least, that’s our visualization so associated.

Interviewer: Was your ritual design too grand in scope?

Dr. Silver: Asking for a job, a sex mate, or a new car is the common use of people’s will and intention. Asking to bring harmony and peace to one’s community is far from “Too Grand in Scope.” It is hoped others will take such interest in how the powers of will and intention on the plane of mind bring about effects in the larger community.

Frater A.: I’m not sure we can say yet. We plan to give it five-plus years of effort to see if it attracts interest outside of our small group. By a simple formula not unknown to dynamic sciences: if you’re not going to have as much energy, you’re going to need more time. We believe we can make a measurable difference (the Glyph being detectable to dowsing/magnetics/etc.) with 6-7 regular participants working for 4-5 years. But, at least one of us is the sort of person (had they enough personal influence on our local scene) who would schedule a road race to be run upon the Glyph’s very course while the “elect” held rites of alchymical transubstantiation at some key location(s). Forgive my waxing poetic — we think we’ll wait and see how large an area upon which it can actually have a notable effect. It is, after all, an experiment.

Magnus Po: Full sized circumambulation is an exertion. It is also a real pleasure. We have been flexible enough so far to deal with it, whereas rigid thoughtforms make such things unendurable.

Frater A.: Boy howdy!

Interviewer: Would it have made more sense to draw down the powers of the planets one at a time over a much longer period? Did you take care to balance the planetary energies, or if that was even a valid consideration?

Frater A: I was concerned that that this would produce a potential abundance of one sort of energy or another over too-long a time. All planets were used in the original invocations, each merely “hi-lighted” at a different time. As a point of note, Magnus Po and I set out one day on bicycles to map out the precise location of the glyph upon the lay of the land, and since at least one of us is no longer a spring chicken, we were unable to complete the second circuit until later. We traced Moon-Mars-Jupiter-Moon on that day and that night a disturbed individual (and some buddies, it is supposed) took a notion to run about town with bedsheets and spray paint, decorating places with nazi-type swastikas and white supremacist slogans. The cops figured that it wasn’t a serious threat — just some kids acting out some weird fantasy. We took this incident a bit to heart, as it’s hard to imagine a better connection to Jupiter, Mars and Luna! We’ve elected to be more careful in future, just in case.

Dr. Silver: I favor the “All together now” approach. We are going for a specific effect that addresses multiple facets of being in totality. Thus, by invoking the energies together we address their essential relationality, and integral embodiment in the larger domain of Tipareth.

Magnus Po: Maybe it would have been a good idea. In any case we coalesced it in little more than seven weeks. Balance is inherent in form and my subjective experience of the astral temples is that they are of equal magnitude.

Interviewer: It looks as if you started with Saturn and worked your way inward through the planets. Why start with Saturn?

Dr. Silver: Saturn is form and foundation. It’s the root and structure. By starting with Saturn, we give the macrocosmic glyph a lasting and grounded basis for more Mercurial, Jovial, or Venusian energies.

Frater A.: When the sun comes over the eastern horizon, it’s rays first reach the place consecrated to Saturn, therefore Saturn had to be first, just as the Sun had to hold the middle position. We personally fiddled with a variety of possible allocations of planets to geographical places before settling on the current arrangement. Saturn, you’ll note, has an association with the idea of “a gate,” and we thought this also appropriate for the easternmost point.

Interviewer: Have you had considered using a unicursal hexagram? That glyph gives you a clear way to move back into the center. Might this be helpful as a practical matter during the performance of the ritual?

Dr. Silver: Crowley’s Unicursal Hexagram, though having six points, does not convey the idea of the linking of macro and microcosms through the conjoining of two inverted triangles. The linkage of celestial and terrestrial energies is most visible in this diagram.

Frater A.: I sat down and attempted to trace the unicursal hexagram in a variety of ways and couldn’t come up with a satisfactory arrangement, no matter what I tried. Some describe the force of this hexagram as “weak” and we imagine this is due to the alleged fact that such a figure cannot be constructed precisely, using any real mathematical proofs. A hexagram cannot be unicursal, and relies upon the clever alteration of the width of the drawn line to accommodate the idea. The introduction of Crowley’s Magick says as much. Significantly, drawing this figure creates anything but a sense of balance and more a sense of taking two steps backwards followed by three little ones forward. The territory is covered but more in the manner of an ambling drunkard than in a straight forward formula of balance and equity. For what it’s worth, Po and I discovered that if you trace the planets out in their order as given on the Tree of Life, you’ll come up with the figure that adorns the fly-leaf of the book. If you trace it in the order suggested by our planetary holiday schedule, you will get a unicursal hexagram.

Interviewer: Your magick seems to have a geomantic component to it. You can draw down the energy and establish the astral temples, but it seems that these temples must be grounded and founded on the earth for their greatest effectiveness. Stamping on the earth, calling the spirits of the earth for your aid seems like a good idea.

Dr. Silver: The Chinese geomantic art of Feng Shui with which I am familiar, addresses “Dragon Lines,” celestial “energies” and terrestrial forces through various methods, including landscaping, invocation, ritual, and such. Very little, if any “stamping” is visible in the Chinese relationship to receptive, earthy, “Yin” energies. This seems to be largely a creation of Western earth based religions. As such, there is no inherent need for such action.

Magnus Po: Temples are grounded because we are. Things must be located somewhere. Things astral manifest physically through a place to which they are anchored by natural or artificial correspondence (or through the mind/intent of an autonomous being).

Frater A.: The geomancy thing comes up quite a bit, but that’s not at all what we had in mind. I didn’t even know that the act of driving metal pins in the ground was a part of that tradition. I don’t fully subscribe to what’s going around this set of theories because I can’t really find much science behind it.

Interviewer: You perform part of the ritual with a willow wand. Perhaps that wand was a gift from the tree? Did you get any impression as to how local spirits/devas/dryads reacted to your ritual?

Dr. Silver: They liked it.

Frater A.: Yes, YES! We broke the damn tree! It was an accident, okay? But seriously — you’re right. We merely preserved a portion of the tree for later/permanent use in the rites that might follow. Laws of Association and Contagion, you see. We’ve seen a number of animals in various parts of the glyph and it’s interesting to note that some plant life is springing up, many of the wildflowers quite pertinent to their location.

Interviewer: Could it be that you were building upon the energy matrix that was already present?

Magnus Po: As above, so below. If one applies a natural form to the world one comes up with correspondences whose apparent significance says much about the world, the symbol, and the one doing the application. We are all it, unfolding, forever: Ewige Blumenkraft! In other words, I have absolutely no inkling whatsoever.

Frater A.: It was our assumption that some sort of energic flow is present in any case, likely modified by arrangements of geophysical features in the area. We wished to discover this arrangement and expand upon it, refining it, if possible.

Interviewer: Did you do any dowsing or any other kind of preliminary observations that could help verify this hypothesis?

Dr. Silver: Not to my knowledge.

Frater A.: Not as yet. That is part of our plan for evaluation.

Interviewer: What would constitute a success in the context of this ritual? For example, success can either be achieving whatever goal is held in the conscious mind, or good but unintended consequences that seem meaningfully related to the work.

Dr. Silver: Success for me would be a greater sense of ease, and harmony in my own relationship to my community, which I do feel, and in the overall tone of people’s relationships in our community.

Frater A.: We would consider success to be along those same lines, generally. In particular, this is a success if it a) is detectable by magickal or scientific means, b) shows any sign of attracting people to its maintenance, c) can be shown to positively effect the charging of talismans, d) can be shown to positively affect experiments in scrying, pathworking or similar workings. This is where we are headed, but it is very early in the game, we feel, so this is far from an exhaustive list.

Interviewer: Have you noticed anything that points towards the achievement of your goals or any unintended consequences, good, bad, or indifferent?

Dr. Silver: I enjoy the company.

Frater A.: It’s too early to tell, but there have been reports from Po that these exercises have stirred something odd in him and put a finer polish on his visualization skills. The feelings the rest of us have are about as vague at this point. It is interesting to note that, in the first period of evaluation, we obtained the services of a few “remote viewers” or clairvoyants and asked them to check up on what we had done, feeling fairly certain that they did not have access to much of the specific details of the project. The results they returned were quite significant. The overall shape and precise location were both described by these people. But stay tuned! That’s the sort of thing that’s going into Glyphbook 2.

More information about the Western traditions of planetary magick and the Companions of the Glyph can be found on their website located at:

This interview originally appeared in Cup of Wonder magazine.

©2006 Frater Auxilior Arti. Edited by Sheta Kaey.

Frater Auxilior Arti (nee Fr. Adsum Iterum) is an initiate of the Astrum Sophia, co-founder of the Companions of the Glyph and author of the Book of the Glyph and PRAXIS: The 2nd Book of the Glyph. A life-long student of the paranormal, he brings a scientific/Fortean viewpoint to the subject, a thing he feels is sadly neglected. You can find his Facebook page here.

Legend of the Glyph #1/2

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Legend of the Glyph #1/2

To Mecca thou hast turned in prayer with aching heart
and eyes that burn: Ah Haji, whither wilt thou turn when
thou art there, when thou art there?

— J. E. Flecker, Gates of Damascus


It’s amazing to see how things get back to you and what distorted forms they take, what odd transformations they undergo. I was at a party recently where I overheard some teenagers talking about a group of arcane magicians who tramped about the countryside in and around Our Fair City, summoning up strange forces to drive a great magical machine to who knows what end. I was most stunned by the fact that the good folks over at Rumor Control got it almost exactly right. But let us set the story completely straight.

It all began a long time ago, in a small park in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. An adept of the Art Magickal told me a curious story about a group of well-to-do magicians who found themselves in the position of being city planners and developers in the 1920s and ’30s. According to my friend, these folks constructed a large-scale device designed to capture the psychic forces of the city itself and to direct them to a location where they could be refined and manipulated to various ends, the least of which was the acquisition of personal wealth for the members. A wild story indeed, but it got me thinking… Could we design a similar device and place it upon the landscape of a given city, intent upon providing a magical force of harmony and balance thereto? Could we build a magical machine to Make Everything Okay? This is how the project known as “The Glyph” came to be.

We began as small group of students of mysteries East and West that consisted of an anthropologist, an artist, an alchemist, a scholar and a teacher. We’ve grown a bit and now have an even broader mix of talents and people. Several of us are Qi Gong and Kundalini Yoga instructors; a few are card-carrying O.T.O. members; most hold degrees in Reiki. We met and discussed matters of general import to the Western Esoteric tradition until we concocted the full details of the Project and began its implementation.

Obtaining a few satellite maps of our city, we looked them over carefully, looking for various likely arrangements of geographical features. We knew that the butte rising just north of the center of town was long regarded as a power spot of sorts by the natives of this region, this reputation being due to more than just the curious deposits of columnar basalt. As we desired to build a device to produce harmony and balance, we chose a hexagram for the basic form such that it would answer to Tipareth on the Tree of Life. We were quite simply amazed at how naturally it all clicked into place, this great figure spanning about 2 ½ miles to a leg, each point landing squarely in an accessible and symbolically significant location.

Our membership being a cross-section of NeoPlatonists of the Aurum Solis school, the O.T.O. and the Golden Dawn, we assigned a planetary force to each point, expecting them to invoke the Apollonian Ideal as the Sun at the center. Following Marsilio Ficino’s lead, we sought to compartmentalize the psyche (whether of a city or of an individual) into the seven visible heavenly bodies and to erect a vast astral temple wherein to bring them to productive balance.


glyph 1


It began on a bright Father’s Day morning at dawn with the Aurum Solis Salutation to the Sun:

“All hail, life-enkindling sun, child of creation’s lord!
O’, thou lone, all-seeing eye of the vault celestial,
extend thy light that I may see, but dim thy glory
that I be not blinded.

“Unmask thy countenance, O’ God of Light, for I am a lover of truth and would behold the spiritual essence concealed in thy golden disk.

“So reveal unto my perception thy shining and inmost nature,
even that high spirit which infuses thee and is one with the
primal flame of mine own being.

“Life-enkindling sun, child of creation’s lord — Salutations and praises unto thee!”

We had previously prepared a collection of artifacts manufactured of metals sacred to the Sun and decorated with appropriate sigils and divine names. These we ceremoniously drove into the ground at the precise locations as we laid out the figure in the land, saving the central key piece to which the others were tied by magical sympathy. In four hours, the initial construction was complete, but it took us another 14 weeks to complete the series of planetary chargings designed to kick the device into gear. By the time we finished, we knew we had done something grand and set out to document it as thoroughly as possible, making the results of our researches available to all who might wish to evaluate them. To that end we launched a large website, wrote a book, and have designed a collection of related materials.

But now that it was built, what all could we do with it? Obviously, its principle function was to provide a harmonizing force for the place in which it operates, but we knew it could be much more. As the device is laid out in the manner of the familiar hexagram used by the Golden Dawn in their ritual of the Hexagram, we knew that it could theoretically be used to create invocations of planetary forces on a good scale, and this it seems to do. These are accomplished by the simple expedient of circumambulation, token sacrifice and planetary invocations using either a balanced method or an unbalanced method.

It is explained thusly in The Book of the Glyph:

“Our method is illustrated below. In the following diagram, the force of Mercury is being invoked, but note that it can also be said that its opposite force, that of Jupiter is also being invoked, such that a balance is being struck, as it were. This is essentially the Golden Dawn formula for Invocation.”


glyph 2


“To clarify the above diagram a bit, the first triangle, pictured at the left, is drawn in a clockwise fashion from the top point to return there. The tracing finger (or ritual item, as might be the case) then crosses directly to the opposite point, where the other triangle (shown in the center) is traced, also clockwise. The downward arrow in the completed diagram is to indicate the path of the tracing as it moves from the completed first triangle to the point where the second triangle is begun.

“Below, we show a method whereby a hexagram can be drawn such that one force is being invoked while its opposite force is being banished, and such a method is a part of the Glyph’s mechanics, but has a special use that will be dealt with later on in this volume. One can readily see that the only difference is that the second triangle is traced in a counterclockwise manner relative to the first.”

We refer to these methods as balanced (where both opposites are invoked) and unbalanced (where one is invoked and its opposite is banished). In the vast majority of cases, a balanced working was what we were after, but it came to our minds that unbalanced circumambulations would have suitable uses as well.


glyph 3


The best occasion for an unbalanced working that we have found is in the performance of a sphere working, where the operator is stationed at one point of the Glyph while the balance of the party is circumambulating it either physically or in an astral sense. This ongoing research project forms part of the core discipline.

In the three years since the inception of this project, a great deal of material has been gathered indicating some success in our endeavor. There is, for example, an ongoing program wherein folks blessed with clairvoyant faculties can view the device from afar and allow us to record their descriptions. So far, the results of that project have been a good success. The first wave of such folks correctly deduced the size, shape, location and even a few specific features at a time when there was still very little in print. We have currently narrowed the scope of this project to reflect the large volume of data that is now published or on its way there.

Additionally, a series of High Holidays has been constructed to honor The Glyph’s “duty cycle” of nine months “on” and three months “off,” the centerpiece of which is the annual “Glyphest” held at the Summer Solstice. As it has been our express intention to interest others in this type of project — hopefully to create enough enthusiasm to sustain similar projects in other cities. We use this gathering to swap information and give presentations. I suppose we would be remiss to mention the raging party that follows…

Why did we do this? We believe in public service. As the police attempt to keep the peace in their fashion, as business developers plan for economic vibrancy and as each citizen and denizen contributes what he or she has to their community, so we too believe that we have something to add: magick.

If you feel you can add something to your town in this way, why not dialogue with us? Our website (located at or holds an archive of Glyph related materials and lore, a complete collection of planetary correspondences optimized for our particular flavor of planetary magick, a discussion group and just about everything anyone would need to get a project like this afloat anywhere. Won’t you join us?

©2006 Frater Auxilior Arti. Edited by Sheta Kaey.

Frater Auxilior Arti (nee Fr. Adsum Iterum) is an initiate of the Astrum Sophia, co-founder of the Companions of the Glyph and author of the Book of the Glyph and PRAXIS: The 2nd Book of the Glyph. A life-long student of the paranormal, he brings a scientific/Fortean viewpoint to the subject, a thing he feels is sadly neglected. You can find his Facebook page here.

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