Tell us Your Secret Ritual that Always Works: Magick in Practice #1

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Tell us Your Secret Ritual that Always Works: Magick in Practice #1

Welcome to the first edition of Magick in Practice, part of an ongoing series of sample rites or procedures we will introduce for you to try and report back on. The general idea is that you take our suggestions, doctor them however you see fit, keep notes, and then come back here to report your results in detail — how you performed the acts and how they panned out for you. (We also intend to implement Magick in Theory at some point, whenever Patrick Dunn is ready to launch.) These systems may increase in formality later, but for right now, we’re going with a simple post.

An Exercise of Will: Password Mantra

For this first edition, the idea is simple: Change a frequently used password — we suggest the password you enter when you boot up your computer — to a phrase that will serve as a focus of will to accomplish a goal. This is something I recently heard about and found intriguing. When you enter this new pass-phrase, focus your will into a sort of short mantra, repeating the phrase internally until it fades of its own accord as you continue working on your computer. Some examples might be:

  • forgivemyexwife (This is similar to the original usage I read about.)
  • confidenceinjobinterviews
  • payoffmydebt
  • saveforEuropeanvacation

You get the general idea. Feel free to add sigils or a more formal ritual structure surrounding this, but be sure to report on the details of how you dressed up the procedure. Report back here in comments either a) when you get results, or b) in about 30 days if no results. You may comment here with suggestions, speculation/theory and/or questions if you so desire.

Best of luck!

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