Poetic Journeys #26 – ROTA: The Wheel of Aeons

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Poetic Journeys #26 - ROTA: The Wheel of Aeons

Poetic Journeys

“Then, when thou knowest first the Wheel of Destiny complete, mayest thou perceive THAT Will which moved it first. (There is no first or last.)” — #78, The Book of Lies, By To Mega Therion

No breath, no time
Neither darkness nor light
No thing
Then wind, the sound of pipes
Pain of birth, awareness dawns
A beast-man dancing
Amidst the chaos
Water, flame, rock and storm
Heavy breath of fetid swamp
Lizard god on gray throne

Fashioned from the soul of matter
Seeds break open; cycles
The Great Mother opens her eyes
Sweeping all before her in a flood
The play of a child
She gives the beasts of the forest tongues
And teaches them the spells of life

To her a sun of fire is born
Upon the sacred hill of winter
He sits upon her throne
As her symbol
Gold and green, horns of fire upon his head
Too beautiful
The beasts who worshiped killed him
They ate his flesh and drank his blood
Forgetting the Mother who tends the grave

From the East a star is shining
The Mother again gives birth;
Light shines forth from her belly
A golden hawk
Scatters the beasts
Tears down the tarnished image
Slaying the priests of the dead god

Fire falls upon the throne
Dying down
Turning to red then black and twisting
Shadows are white
A woman appears
Stepping from the flame
She is black and featureless
She holds before her a black feather
And a luminous jewel
These she has balanced with her hands
A shadow covers all
The feather is left upon the throne
Until the starry tide washes all away. . .

©2010 by Aion131

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