Poetic Journeys #14 – Rainbow Wisdom

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Poetic Journeys #14 - Rainbow Wisdom

Poetic Journeys

From the rock beside the wall of water he stood and blew the white stag horn.
The dolphins leaped with joy.
The sea giants answered note for note the calling of the wise.

From the hills they came, from the cities, from the near meadows and the fields.

Songs paused in mid-measure.
Flowers remained unpicked.
Thoughts stopped unspoken.

The gathering had begun.

The shore beneath the obsidian cliffs became a rainbow as the masters gathered; each gloriously clothed by rank. Ruby gowns of the novice blended with the citrine and amber, flowed into the emerald and the sapphire, melded with the indigo and deepened to the royal amethyst of the select.

Whale song echoed from the harbor as the horn sounded again — deeper this time — a resonant minor tone that hung in the crystalline air. The sky hummed with the approach of a star that was not a star, but all the colors of light and love: shimmering sunset pinks.

The wind carried the voice of the whales to those waiting on the beach
as if the earth herself were singing.

Joy unconstrained rolled from each tongue as the golden rays played across the sands, and wondrous beings glided down on wings of light to stand in snow white garb where they had stood for millennium.

And they gave the word:

As you have been told and will be told for a thousand thousand years
Teach love and joy.
Lift our children from the darkness.
Give them knowledge that they may be wise.
Wisdom is the mother of all creation.
Serve her well and she will be bountiful in her gifts and generous in her mercy.
Let each seeker know that the answers are within.
Comfort those who yearn and guide their path to the light.
Turn no one away, for even the darkest soul has a gift that illumination will reveal.
Find answers in your science and in your theology.
One without the other is but a cold stone; a half-written page.

Feed the dreamers. They are the seed of your greatness.
Cherish the singers. They are the voice of your soul.

Go beyond the myth of time and place.
Here and now, up and down.
You are with us as much as we are with you.
You have but to whisper and peace will come.

Work in celebration to bring forth the fruits of your labor.
Love in peace, to bear the fruit of your joy.
Put away the bitter wine of condemnation
Lest you become drunk with despair.
Do not judge the path another walks.
Walk your own path.
Water your own garden.
Watch your soul bloom.

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©2009 Judith Barnett

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