Poetic Journeys #13 – Lust

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Poetic Journeys #13 - Lust

Poetic Journeys

Screaming in my heart
Pounding in my blood
Seeping through my skin
Flooding in my eyes

Body twitches to nerves unbidden
Muscles flex and relax with each step
Fingers reach unconsciously
Lips seek soft skin

No thought just feeling
No reason just emotion
No emotion but the need
No need but of you

Let my eyes see only yours
Let my tongue taste only you
Let my ears hear only your voice
Let my heart receive your love

Rocking body, panting mind
Gasping for a moment to think
Time is spirited away as
I reach for you

Arms unfold to bring you near
Legs shake with fear
Throat locks with feeling
Eyes well with joy

Know I need you
Know I want you
Know I love you
Know I fear

Poetic Journeys is a semi-regular column featuring a wide variety of poetic styles. If you’d like to submit a poem, please send your submission to admin@rendingtheveil.com and we’ll happily review your material for inclusion in a future issue.

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