Poetic Journeys #15 – Kronos

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Poetic Journeys #15 - Kronos

Poetic Journeys

O thou who sails Binah’s black sea
Whose term is undefined
O thou whose sickle circumscribes
The arc of a lifetime

O thou who gives but twenty-four
Divisions in a day
And never grants a moment more
No matter how much we delay

O thou that mocketh every pow’r
That we here on Earth may know
From your seat above the Great Abyss
Ruling times to reap and sow

O thou that giveth birth to gods
And then devoureth one by one
Great civilizations of mankind
Left in dust as you plow on

O thou who comest to collect
Souls as the clock begins to chime
Thou known throughout the Aeons
By the feared name Father . . . tick. tick. tick.

Against the now I raise my cry,
“Death is not the end of all!
— save only of the dross of Earth
returning downward in the Fall.”

For here I raise the flaming Lance
And from the pulsing wonder-tree
Eyes open now I smite thee with
The blazing spear of Eternity.

©2009 Shawn Gray
Edited by Sheta Kaey

Shawn is an ex-pat Canadian who lives in Japan studying and teaching martial arts. A practicing ceremonial magician and Thelemite, he is currently in the final year of a Masters Degree in Western Esotericism from the University of Exeter. You can view his website here.

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