Poetic Journeys #25 – KetKuth

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Poetic Journeys #25 - KetKuth

Poetic Journeys

The Point of Light is within the Darkness of Matter
Malkuth is a Gateway direct to Kether
As Kether is both the seed (1) and actuality (10) of One
As Many
The 10- Thousand Things are the
One- Thing
And the 1-Thing is reflected/refracted
In every single Facet/Manifestation
Within Malkuth
Thus Ever the Bride
The 10-thousand things are the Throne of Making
Upon it sits the non-sub-supra particle
The Point of Light
The Crown
One movement
Is reflected/refracted
In every shard, every facet, every angle of the Bride
The Mother of All; Ma
What you say you do
What you think you have done
What you contemplate is the unfolding cosmos
What you strive for is a tightrope walk
Called Art
The thin string is streaaaaaached between
Kether and Malkuth
This is the hidden way of the Sage
Not the Right Hand Path of endless Pontificating
Not the Left Hand Path of emptiness and detachment
The Hidden Third Way
This is the Kingdom, the Heaven, the Nirvana — it really is that simple.
Kether is in Malkuth
Malkuth in Kether
1 is in 10
And 10 in 1
the path is through the non existent 0
In other words
It never was.
1 is all ways = 1
So simple
So real
So unnoticed by all who are wrapped
In a nasty blanket of Woe and Samsara
Ah. Well.

The Root & Tree Touch Crown Root
Call it: KetKuth
It is the Self-Reflected Mind
Mirror and Being
The Double Tree
The Vajra
The Lightning Bolt Dhyana Synapse

. . .

As all words unravel, it is the absurd that slips in
Stealing just a bit
Of the Fire of Heaven
Back to that rock and hungry vulture later!
It is self-indulgent anyway.
The Promethean Fire leaps up and the chains break
The gods have fled or are drowsy/sleeping
There is none to oppose his reemergence but the Old One
The Old Man — the crabby old Archon
But light and laughter and love
Trump politics and pissing contests in the end

So the verbiage slowly. . . stills. . .
The mind worms are settled — a shimmer like dawn or dusk
Pervaded the mind

From Mind it comes
To Mind it goes
The actuality is the proof of the Unity
The dispersion is proof of the unfocused dis-ease.
Our world brings us to the focus we will
And we will it to be and bring forth itself with Love

So simple, so complex — so utterly without form or logic
Ah! But with joy! Ha!

Have Fun
Catching the Firefly
In the Garden

©2010 by Aion131

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