Poetic Journeys #24 – The Founding of the Black Flame Kaba

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Poetic Journeys #24 - The Founding of the Black Flame Kaba

Poetic Journeys

Pan was lonely for the chase 

Moon-white thighs and wine’s embrace 

But the mood upon the land

was of cold and Death

He chanced upon the Waste in dread

Dreaming ferns and soft sunlight 

When into his loneliness came 

The cry of a Hawk 

and thunder awoke at the sound of its wings

Pan, called Dead, arose and trod 

the Dreams of serfs

to the end of the road 

There he spied naught but void

He saw within the darkness
a Shadow dancing in silence 

He perceived it was a Goddess

He, alone for aeons, trembled

With a shot and then a cry 

He launched himself into the sky

unleashing the raging
dance about him

She whose laughter is the starlight 

played about his shaggy form 

As he played his pipes 

she sang

The music they weave spins the stars

Galaxies dance about their play

She who is NOT

Loving he who is ALL

Dancing upon the Sands of Night
above the hallowed depths of darkness
between creation and destruction

Hail to the Twin flame 

Who are NONE in their joy.

©2010 by Aion131.
Edited by Sheta Kaey.

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