Artistic Visions #11 – The Path of the Moon

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Artistic Visions #11 - The Path of the Moon

Artistic Visions

About the Artist

Hettie Rowley is a South African artist and co-owner of the Thelema Trust. Hettie creates all of her work the old fashioned way — by hand, with no computer generated imagery or manipulation. She works in oils, pastels, bronze, pencil, charcoal, watercolor, clay and ink. She collaborates closely with her husband Keith in the production of occult and Thelemic artworks, and also produces a variety of African art, portraits, landscapes and much else. Her husband is still madly in love with her after almost twenty years and considers her to be an artistic genius. He still manages to irritate her, though.

About the Art: The Path of the Moon

Oil on Canvass 1.2mx0.6m

In this occult Thelemic art we see the perplexing journey of the aspiring adept, mired in the duality of all things. Above, the sacred beetle, “Kephra,” surmounts the enfeebled glory of the sick and dying moon, whilst below, the seeker of the light moves forwards in faith, steadfast in hope of redemption through the light of infinity, always conflicted in the choice of paths of light and of darkness. The adept will wonder over the symbolism of this occult art. Does this seeker indeed tread the treacherous 29th Path of the Tree of Life, The Path of the 18th Tarot Atu, The Moon? Or does he tread a path of bewilderment as the Angel of Yesod precipitates a storm of confusion within his mind and soul as he is immersed in the Machinery of the Universe?

The Path of the Moon by Hettie Rowley
Path of the Moon

Artistic Visions is a regularly appearing column featuring original occult oriented art — whether it be traditional, multi-media, or graphic art. (Photography appears in Ocular Distortion.) If you’d like to submit art for publication in RTV, email your images to We’d love the opportunity to showcase more talent.

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