Guidelines and Rules for Channeling Familiar Spirits

Don't push it.

Our goals in channeling a spirit for you are to bring you closer to that spirit so you can communicate on your own and to teach you the skills to do that. We have no desire and no intention to be your medium forever. You should always be working to improve your subtle senses and connection.

You should enter into this working relationship with one of our practitioners, as your medium or channeler, with the intent of learning how to utilize the spirit/human relationship to further your personal growth. If all you want is to chitchat with your spirit companion, there are hundreds of “psychic mediums” all over the world who are just waiting for you to ask. They’ll take considerably more of your money than we will, and will never teach you the skills to graduate from their service.

Everyone can learn to perceive. It’s maybe not as exciting as, and is considerably more work than, having someone else channel for you for the rest of your relationship or life. But it’s possible, if you really want to make the most of your connection with that spirit.

The Actual Rules:

  1. When you speak to your spirit companion via a channeler, this is not the time for trivial or pointless questions. Spend this time getting clear guidance, so you can learn to hear clearly enough to share trivia on your own time. Therefore, if you digress too far, we will pull your focus back. Only limited, in context trivia is acceptable.
  2. Questions you already know the answers to are not allowed. You may confirm something you are really uncertain about, but if you think you know and you’re just looking for confirmation or validation, this is not okay. Your spirit companion will provide validation in his own way and on his own timetable. If we allowed these questions, you would eventually get a “wrong” answer. Even if 19 out of 20 were answered correctly, that single wrong answer would plague on your mind and create problems.
  3. No medical questions. We are not doctors, and we could be held liable if you harm yourself based on medical advice we provided, even if we are just the medium. Regardless of whether this information comes from a spirit or not, we are the physical presence that conveyed the advice. We will, from now on, shut a spirit down who tries to give medical information. He can give that information directly to you, and your choice to act is your own responsibility. Always seek professional medical advice for any health issues, including for your pets.
  4. Loaded questions are verboten. No questions with only single correct answers (e.g. “What’s the square root of pi?”). No fishing for a certain answer. No questions with an agenda. Be direct with what you want to know, but don’t set out to test the spirit via the medium. If you want to test your spirit or give him an ultimatum, that’s between you and him and has nothing to do with us. Take it outside — outside our relationship with you. (See also #2.)
  5. If you wish to ask a question that stretches the limits of the channeling process, other arrangements can be made, such as a tarot, rune, or coin reading, to clarify the situation. The coins can provide a quick-and-dirty answer, and they can also slap you down for asking a stupid question. This is called a doom*. (A friend of mine came up with that term; I think it’s appropriate.) Once you draw a doom, the reading is over. The cards can provide a more detailed answer, but may also shut you down and provide a doom if you try to milk them for more and more information.
  6. At any time that you push the limits or insist upon material proof of something from the channeler, your reading is over. This is also a doom*. The subtle senses are called “subtle” for a very good reason — much of communication with spirits rests on the interpretation of the medium. Every medium has his or her own personal filters that color the message. This is why there are subtle differences in the way each medium interprets a message from a spirit. Anything that is utterly unfamiliar to the medium cannot be conveyed well. For example, if I am channeling a spirit who was a sword-maker, I am not automatically going to know the terms for different varieties of sword or for the various steps of the creative process, though I may be able to describe them with terminology that is already familiar to me.
    Another example: if a spirit knows martial arts (I do not) and wants to reference a weapon or move that I don’t have the vocabulary for, I can only describe what I pick up via images. I cannot provide a name for that weapon or move. So if your spirit companion sends a message and I am unable to convey the answer you are looking for, it is up to you to fill in the blanks that might occur due to my lack of immediate knowledge of a situation. A reader can tell you your situation only to the degree that the information is available and readily interpretable. If a card reader sees that you’re sick, they can tell you that but can’t say, “You’ve got strep throat,” or “You’ve got cancer.” That’s up to a doctor. A reader is a guide. The rest is up to you.

We can try to guide you to rephrase or to completely rework your question in a way that it can be asked. The spirit can try to guide you. But it’s important to understand that these rules exist not only to protect the medium from a constant barrage of test questions — they also exist to protect you from disappointment. No one is going to be 100% accurate 100% of the time, and eventually something would upset you. If you don’t want to set yourself up or taint your own reading, don’t ask these questions.

* A doom, which ends the reading, means the reading is over. Finito. No refunds, no exchanges, no clarification, no sweet hugs goodbye. Be very careful with this, therefore. It’s all in your hands.

The fine print: We are working to help you gain confidence in your own connection with your spirit companion (or guide), not to serve as your single link to him. Do not attempt to use us in this fashion, and be conscious of when the need for a channeler is strong. Make sure that need has a purpose beyond assuaging your yearning for tangible contact. We understand the yearning and we will help as best we can, but it is crucial that you exercise discipline and don’t give in every time.

Disclaimer, again: Please be aware that advice given on the part of any spirit channeled at this site is not meant to supersede, augment, or replace medical or professional advice. We are not doctors, and while spirits may have a higher view, the message is limited by the medium and his/her capacity to relay that message accurately. If you have a medical or mental health issue, please consult a professional.

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