News in Magick #2

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News in Magick #2

Obituary — Robert Anton Wilson

Fnord By The Sea, January 11, 2007
Robert Anton Wilson 1932 — 2007
by Nicholas Graham

We have lost one of the great ones. At 4:50 a.m. local time on January 11, 2007, Robert Anton Wilson passed from this plane and into the realm of Pure Mind. Wilson has been a wide-ranging inspiration for those involved in psychology, occultism, literature, and the hard sciences due to his personal narratives of intensely spiritual experiences and bizarre reality fluctuations. He has proven to us that even after severe trauma, we can still live life with passion. RAW suffered polio twice, carrying with him a case of Post-Polio Syndrome which severely limited his mobility later in life. He lived to see one of his daughers killed in a robbery before reaching adulthood. He watched his beloved wife, Arlen Riley Wilson, pass on from this world. Yet through it all, Wilson maintained his love of life, his passionate optimism, his hope in humanity, and his unsinkable sense of humor. Robert Anton Wilson died as he lived: with hope in his heart and a joke in his brain. Our prayers go out to Wilson’s friends and family, but no sadness. We will smile in his memory!

RAW’s Works Include:

Read, enjoy, and remember: the Universe is full of Maybes.

Robert Anton Wilson’s website may be found at
RAW Memorial February 2007 — date to be announced

January birthdays

Donald Tyson turned 53 years old on 12 January.

Gerald del Campo turned 47 years old on 14 January.

If you know of any birthdays we should have on file, please write to admin.

New Book Releases

The Four Powers by Nicholas Graham

Megalithica Books
ISBN: 978-1905713042

For information see last issue’s News in Magick. Order here or at major bookstores and online distributors such as

Inner Alchemy by Taylor Ellwood

Megalithica Books
by Lupa — Immanion Press Publicity Editor
No ISBN# available at time of issue release
Ordering information is here.

In Inner Alchemy, you’ll explore spaces unknown and places unvisited, right within your own body! The alchemy of the body and all of its mysteries are a fascinating realm, but often people ignore this realm, taking for granted the miracle that that they have around them everyday.

Have you ever wondered how you could work with your senses more? Or have you wondered when you’ve been sick if what you’re feeling is remotely useful? Inner Alchemy answers these questions and more! Explore the depths of your brain and meet neurotransmitter spirit guides who will guide you to better physical and psychological health. Discover the miracle within your DNA. Learn about energy work and what it can offer you.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction by Lupa
  • Foreword
  • Chapter One — Inner Alchemy 101
  • Chapter Two — The five senses
  • Chapter Three — Body Basics
  • Chapter Four — Body Fluids
  • Chapter Five — Neurotransmitter Magic
  • Chapter Six — DNA Magic
  • Chapter Seven — Basic Energy Work
  • Chapter Eight — Intermediate Energy Work
  • Chapter Nine — Advanced Energy Work
  • Chapter Ten — Textual Alchemy
  • Chapter Eleven — Learning to be Conscious
  • Epilogue — Tying It All Together
  • Appendix A — Entheogens: Should You Use Them or Not?
  • Appendix B — The Detachment Ritual
  • Appendix C — Neuro-Sorcery by Zac Walters
  • Appendix D — Kink Magic by Taylor Ellwood and Lupa (Sneak preview of our co-written book)
  • Appendix E — Bibliography

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