News in Magick #1

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News in Magick #1
News in Magick

The Pagan and Occult Author Resource Page

SEATTLE, WA — November 25, 2006

After several months of updates and design changes, authors Taylor Ellwood and Lupa would like to announce the rebirth of the Pagan and Occult Author Resource Page. Located at, this is an extensive collection of resources specifically aimed towards writers in the pagan and occult nonfiction genres.

In 2004, Taylor published his first solo book, Pop Culture Magick. In the process, he realized that there was no central resource available to new occult authors navigating the ins and outs of writing, editing, publishing, and promoting nonfiction texts. He collected the resources he had gathered in his own research, arranged them online, and the Occult Author Resource Page was born.

Fast forward to 2006. Taylor and his new wife, friend and fellow author Lupa, decided to revamp the OARP. They moved everything over to their joint site, weeded out the dead links, and spent weeks adding even more essays, tips and links of interest to authors. Because the information was relevant to pagan as well as occult authors, the name was changed, and the OARP became the POARP.

Since then, Taylor and Lupa have been adding to the POARP on a consistent basis. The basics of the OARP have been retained: magazines and other publications for authors to submit their articles and review copies of books to, radio shows and podcasts aimed at pagan and occult listeners, and an ever-growing list of festivals and other events. New features include essays and tips on everything from editing to promotion and publicity, calls for writers, and a variety of links to valuable online communities and other resources.

The look and location may have changed, but the focus is the same: to offer both new and experienced authors in the pagan and occult non-fiction genres the information they need to write, publish and market that book they’ve been working on. New resources and essays are accepted and appreciated. And, as always, the POARP is entirely free of charge.

To find out more about the POARP, visit

Nicholas Graham Releases First Book

Megalithica Books
Immanion Press Publicity Editor

Nicholas Graham is proud to announce the upcoming release of his debut book, entitled The Four Powers (Megalithica Books catalog #MB0104 ISBN #1-905713-04-5). The Four Powers is the book that Nicholas Graham wishes he’d had when he was just discovering magic as a teenager. It’s a unique introduction to magic; rather than relying on the same rehashed Wicca 101, Graham goes into a variety of topics — the different areas of magic (Neopaganism, Ceremonial magic, Chaos magic, etc.), the various models of magic (spiritual, energetic, psychological, cybernetic), and applications of magic (evocation, invocation, divination), among many other areas of interest.

He also includes exceptionally useful exercises to help the reader apply what s/he has read and further determine where to put hir focus of study. The recommended reading is varied, and lacks the fluff that can mislead seekers for years.

Graham goes into realistic looks at real-world situations, too, such as coming out of the broom closet, deciding whether magic really is dangerous or not, and deciding what your personal morals will be. What is presented here is a no fluff, common sense look at being new to magic that shows the many avenues available while giving practical advice for figuring out where to start one’s own journey. This is an excellent book to give to someone just getting started on their magical journey, but it’s also ideal for someone who’s been studying and practicing one paradigm for a while and is feeling stuck in a rut.

For the time being, you can order The Four Powers here.

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