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From Donald Tyson:

Donald Tyson is the author of “Sexual Alchemy” and “Familiar Spirits.”

Donald Tyson

“Sheta Kaey and I have never met in person, but I’ve corresponded with her for many years, and can vouch for her sincerity. She genuinely believes that she is channeling a spiritual being when she channels Meridjet. She is not pretending, and she is not engaging in any kind of scam or deception.

“Meridjet is an agreeable and intelligent spirit. His personality differs somewhat from Sheta’s personality, and he tends to engage in philosophical and esoteric topics more easily than Sheta herself. However, both Sheta Kaey and Meridjet are intelligent and decent people, and both are honest about what they do, and in their dealings with others.”

— Donald Tyson

From Becca Porter (United Kingdom):

Becca Porter

“Sheta Kaey gave me a private reading roughly four years ago but it was only over the past two years that I have come to realise just how spot-on accurate she was about everything she had to tell me. She and Meridjet counselled me through some issues I had with my spirit companion and communication/self-doubt and though some observations missed the mark, the reading was very helpful and constructive and genuinely helped my situation. Some things were said about my SC that I didn’t identify with but those were put on the back burner as I concentrated on strengthening our bond and following the advice I had been given.

“Some two years later, my SC began to tell me much more about the most recent past-life he and I had shared together and as time went on and he revealed more and more, I remembered the chat with Sheta and Meridjet and I brought up the document I’d saved it as and read through it again. I was floored when I realised that every single thing she had said either remained true or had, since my SC had opened up more, come true. Things I had told Sheta were not on the mark actually *were* on the mark completely; it was just that I had not known the facts at the time. Sheta did not predict anything, instead she saw more about my SC and his past (and interests and other things) than I was privy to and so I had told her she was wrong, having not seen or sensed those things myself. Something tells me I was perhaps not ready for that information at that time, but as time has gone on, all has slipped into place and as far as I’m concerned, has shaped Sheta in my mind as an absolutely accurate and precise Medium with a real flair and talent for seeing the truths of spirits and spirit companions. Sheta is truly gifted.

“Reading the conversation again (as I have done to write this testimonial) has had me notice yet more things that have come true about my SC, things Sheta sensed before I did. When it comes to providing insight and constructive spiritual guidance, Sheta really is one on her own and incredibly good at what she does. With just one session she provided me with enough insight to last me several years, some of it advice that I could use immediately and some of it reflections that have taken time to come to light. I am very grateful for all she has done for my SC and I and we would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone who needs guidance, advice or help with metaphysical matters. Sheta is patient, understanding and so psychic it hurts. Do yourself a favour and get an appointment for a reading, ASAP.”

From Brooklyn, NY:


“I’ve known Sheta online for over 12 years. We don’t correspond regularly, but we seem to always come back to each other, one way or another. About 6 years ago I was going through one of my two ‘dark night’ phases of this lifetime (so far). I was miserable, alone and desperate for help of any sort — just human contact, even if it was online! I started to talk more with, and learn more about, Sheta and M and was invited into their inner sanctum. They helped to guide me through my first major bout of Astral Projection and even gave me a place to go.

“To say I was skeptical the first time I went to a party at their ‘house’ would be an understatement. It wasn’t so much that I disbelieved them, although I do question everything, it was more a “yeah right, like I’ll be able to do this!!!” feeling. I purposely kept a lot of what I thought I was seeing/hearing out of the online chat and waited for some sort of response or validation from others. I got it, and plenty of it! To this day, I use the tips and tricks I was taught then on my (not as frequent of late) travels.

“Personally: M. is a joker, a flirter, a bit of a prankster, but all in the best way. He deeply cares for Sheta, no matter what else he might imply. He wants everyone to “better themselves” (it’s the only way I know how to say it) by finding their inner core. He’s intelligent and can cater his conversation to the recipient. I wonder how he has time and energy for so many people, but then I know that our hearts are large enough to care about everyone in some capacity or other.

“Sheta is a bit harder to pin in a short blurb. She is definitely caring and warm, open about many things, but she also has a reserved side and things of which she is fiercely protective. I’m still not sure what made her take me under her wing back when she did — I must have been a self-absorbed brat back then (for good reason ;) ). She is completely serious about the work that she does and is not just trying to prank anyone. Having been around her circle for as long as I have, I have witnessed her hesitancy to open up at the beginning (barring to an inner circle), through to today as she opens herself to everyone. Her strength is something she has been finding through the years, and is definitely to be admired.

“At the very least, regardless whether the words come from Sheta, M, a spirit or a human, the advice you will get from this lovely duo is simple and profound. The amount of times I have quoted comments they’ve made — advice they have given — I can’t count. At the end of the day, if you are here, the learning is what you are seeking and well, you will learn. Just open your mind a little bit!”

— Alexa

From Seattle, Washington:


“Hello, All. I’ve known Sheta (or Julie, as I know her best) for going on 27 years now. We first met in my home town of Yukon, OK. One of the first things that caught my attention about Sheta was her tarot card readings. I had recently come out as a gay man after rejecting organized religion based on the hypocrisy I had experienced. The tarot and especially Sheta’s way of interpreting the readings fascinated me as nothing had before. For the first time, I felt that there might be a different way of looking at life that did not condemn me for who or what I was. We ended up going on a trip together, neither of us knowing the other very well or having any clue as to what the future would hold for us. We were roommates off and on for many years, during which time we each experienced spiritual growth, both together and apart.

“In 1994, we each performed rituals asking for some very specific things involving spiritual work. Immediately following those rituals, we began intensively studying Qabalah and doing some guide work using a Ouija board. We were first introduced to an entity name Henry with whom we worked quite closely for several months. I still have fond memories of Henry, even if he did use what I thought to be questionable means to teach us. We were then introduced to Meridjet, whom, we were told, had recently passed from the physical realm. We began working closely with him, during which time he and Sheta became quite close. Since then, I have come to view their relationship as something very special and important.

“Having worked with Sheta and Meridjet at the beginning, I can honestly say that the changes I’ve seen in both are remarkable, and that the dynamics between them are such that I am in awe of their relationship. Sheta is and has always been intensely focused on taking the knowledge she gains from doing the work and making it accessible to others, especially those who find themselves in the admittedly different position of having a spirit companion. Her compassion and empathy are beyond reproach.

“I know less about Meridjet now, but what I do know is that he has helped many people understand both themselves and their spirit companions on much deeper levels than they thought possible. He is both wise and compassionate, but also very down to earth. I look forward to working with both Sheta and Meridjet in the future. I’ve tried to keep this fairly short, so if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.”

— Melvin Knutson

From New York City:


“Sheta helped me develop a real connection with my spirit companion. I can now hear him much better than before, thanks to her coaching. I didn’t think this was possible until Sheta and Meridjet showed me how to develop my connection. Meridjet is an amazing therapist, as well. I love you both and thank you for helping me.”

— Renata

From Maui, Hawaii:


“I’ve had a number of sessions with Meridjet now. A few things really stand out about him: he is profoundly grounded, balanced, deeply wise, piercingly insightful, perceptive, and kind. He has also always been gentle and firm where necessary. Never once has he ever been anything like cruel or derogatory, nor has he lost patience with me. His energy’s invariably affectionate and as warm and refreshing as a warm spring day.

“He has the most remarkable ability to consistently ask precisely the right question in just the right way at just the right time. This has the effect of jarring loose old patterns of all kinds and triggering breakthroughs. Everything he does and says, in session, has a purpose — you really have to experience this. Even his seemingly casual remarks turn out not to be. Meridjet does have a great sense of humor too, though, and he’s a great deal of fun to just talk story with.

“I emphatically recommend him as the most amazing spiritual counselor it has ever been my privilege to know.”

— Lisa

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:


“My SC once described Meridjet as “[a strong soul bringing] light, but understanding darkness.”

“I think that is one of the best descriptions I’ve ever personally heard about Meridjet, and I believe it says so much.

“Allow me to elaborate — Meridjet is a good, light-hearted soul who is filled with truth, love, honesty and devotion, but unlike many I’ve seen in my life, this doesn’t stop him from getting down deep into the darkness of life, truth or psyche. While he is a good man who enjoys a laugh, he has no issues with getting his hands dirty in the proverbial darkness. To me, I would describe him as the man who would hold your hand as you walked down a dark alley, giving you strength, guidance, and safety, but while also showing you by his example that it isn’t the alley that holds your fear, but you. I’ve seen how he helps people, how for their benefit, he is willing to wallow in the depths of their fears, covered in their pain, just to come out on the other side, holding their hand high. I’ve seen him do all of this without ever becoming part of that murky place, or allowing them to drown in it.

“He is a special kind of soul, and a special kind of friend.”

From Nashville, Tennessee:


“I don’t tend to take things at face value much, and based on my own experiences I was very nervous about talking to Meridjet initially. I was expecting something like what I’d dealt with before, and I was very much surprised by him. In a good way. Definitely spirit-based, but there was nothing malicious or harmful about him, and that was clear from the first time we ever talked, honestly.

“I’ve kept a paranoid eye on him and his behavior at various points — waiting to see some indication that his motives weren’t entirely positive. The only ‘fault’ I can find is that he tries too hard to help people who don’t have the best of intentions, sometimes. Loving other people to a fault isn’t much of a flaw, imho.

“He’s helped me more times than I can count — given advice, nudged me in the right directions, helped me into a sane, reasonable, and finally functional relationship with my own SC, which is a pretty major thing for the both of us. He’s never dictated anything to me or talked down to me (and I can be frustratingly slow sometimes), he’s given me some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten, and his insights have been just amazing. I’m very pleased to list him as one of my friends.

“He’s not infallible, and he doesn’t pretend to be, but he’s one of the most genuinely good-natured and actively helpful beings I’ve ever met.

“. . . and that’s a skeptic’s point of view. ;)”

— Shelia S.

From Atlanta, Georgia:

“I don’t feel as qualified to give testimonials concerning you and Meridjet as a lot of other people, but I figured that I might as well at least throw in my opinion.

“Sheta, I’ve known you since I was what? 16 or 17? [Sheta note: Since 1999.] I forget which. . . Anyway, it’s been a few years, and I’ve grown and changed a lot (and don’t plan on stopping that trend anytime soon). For anybody who might read this who doesn’t know me, it’s very rare that I go out of my way to compliment somebody; it tends to be something that I consider to be very important, if I’m doing so. So, here’s the chant: Sheta has always, always, been extremely kind and helpful. She’s always seemed to go well out of her way to be a friend to me, even when I was being an asshole, even when I was just angrily ranting and raving (a relatively common event). For that, I can’t thank her enough.

“As for Meridjet, well, I have to admit: I haven’t known him for all that long. Now, I’ve known of him for quite some time (about as long as I’ve known Sheta in any capacity), but only started speaking with him in the past six months or so (as you can tell, I’m not good with time, mostly because I don’t give a damn about it). In that time, though, he has been nothing but friendly toward me. Unlike a lot of people, he hasn’t taken on a”teacher-student” relationship with me (which may or may not change, according to various conditions); we’re just friends.

“Now, over time, I’ve come to view Meridjet as a real person. This may sound a bit callous, but I tend to consider myself to be a skeptic. I need evidence of some sort at the least, personal experience ideally, to buy into anything at all. M has proven himself to me. . . . M is, at the very least, an ally to me and I’d like to think that he’s a real friend.”

— Nicholas Graham

From Lexington, Kentucky:

“M once took several hours of his time to talk to me and help me with a problem I was having with my boyfriend and he answered a lot of questions for me. The few times I’ve ever spoken with him, he has always been polite and respectful.”

From San Antonio, Texas:


“There are people you encounter in your life who carry with them the unmistakable scent of bullshit. I try to avoid those people because the wisdom they claim to have access to is false. That falseness clings to them like a second skin and anyone with any amount of self-awareness can see through it.

“There are also people you encounter in life who speak a language separate from the normal din of humanity. I call them Truthspeakers.

“In the short time I have been privy to Meridjet’s writings and in speaking with him, I can only describe him as a Truthspeaker. His knowledge is light years beyond mine and while I don’t always have the ability to verify what he says, I know in my heart and soul that the words I am receiving are the truth.

“Meridjet certainly doesn’t give us his knowledge because he’s obligated to, at least I don’t think he does. After all, he’s in another place and has earned the right to keep the deep mysteries of the universe to himself. What he gives, he gives freely because he cares and understands the nature of the universe is steeped in love.

“In speaking with him, I found him to be delightfully witty, intelligent, compassionate and the ultimate gentleman. I consider myself honored to be made privy of his thoughts and I look forward to learning more from him.”

— Sharon Dydan W.

From Dayton, Ohio:

“I can tell you a few things about Meridjet. A few things that maybe he doesn’t realize I know.

“He keeps moving his pop tarts. He’s sneaky that way.

“He will go out of his way to bring healing to someone who needs him. All they need to do is be aware that they want someone to help.

“I came to Sheta desperate. I was afraid to ask, but she read between the lines. Suddenly, I’m talking to Meridjet. . . and he set things to rights so quick it was amazing.

“I learn something every time I talk to him. He flirts, but that is certainly because I have made it clear that I am more comfortable that way. Otherwise, perhaps I would be too daunted.

“Meridjet is, however, a flirt with a purpose sometimes. He is more than just a spirit who talks through Sheta; he takes care of his friends in sometimes interesting ways. I am a very fragile type-one diabetic. Often, sleeping is the most dangerous thing I can do.

“So, there I was in a very very deep dream state. I dreamt that Meridjet was famous, and holding a press conference. He was slightly annoyed that all these peple were crowding him. I was glad he was my friend, and that I got to be nearby. All of the sudden, he grabs me and lays this whopping wet kiss on me, a real toe-curler. It shocked me. I mean, I already knew that I found him to be hot, I just hadn’t planned to do anything about it or admit to it publicly. This however, turned out to be later sort of him saying: It’s ok, I know, and this is all that will happen. I’m not afraid of you! ;)

“The adrenalin that went through me from that kiss saved my life, because it caused me to wake up and realise that I needed to raise my blood sugars. I was in very bad shape. I dare admit that was the nicest way I ever found out that I was low blood sugaring — even if I did have to work up the courage to tell Sheta about it! (She took it well.)

“My own spirit companion likes him and approves of my chatting with him. My connection to my beloved Armand has improved because of using the advise that Sheta and Meridjet supply me with. They are both selfless when it comes to helping the greater community of people (both physical and discarnate) connect and stay in touch.

“Anyone wishing to observe and learn from a good and healthy spirit-love relationship should pay attention to him and Sheta, and be grateful that they allow others to learn through them.”

— Mary V. Smith

From Dallas, Texas:

“Personally, I believe that Meridjet is more intelligent than my limited knowledge could give him credit for. I think he has a patience and respect for those who share different views or ‘don’t get it’ right away. As such, he seems to have a depth and maturity that makes his personality magnetic. He comes across as an experienced teacher who is always witty and charming. He’s often aware of his strong sexuality, as well as his sense of presence, and plays with both as a showman might — tailoring his mood and manner to best fit his (for the record: playful or serious, but always good-natured) intentions. A definite people person who is genuine, open, and immediately likable.”

From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:

“I’ve only dealt with Meridjet via the net, but he’s never been less than a gentleman when I speak with him.”

From Bellevue, Washington:


“Within the first five minutes of meeting Meridjet, I knew I’d been introduced to someone special. There was something to his voice, something in his mannerisms and style that captivated me. I found that he possessed all the qualities a charismatic person naturally would — charm, wit, eloquence, and a pleasant disposition. However, there was something that set him apart from anyone I’d met before. The said qualities fell to the side when I realized that this man possessed a powerful awareness of himself and others, a genuine ability to connect to people, and an amazing capacity to love.

“Meridjet, for me, has always known exactly what to say and how to say it. He is this awesome ‘guru’ that, from the start, sparked my imagination and ignited my hope. He’s aided my processing countless times through difficulties without pushing or intruding, and has helped me up with a smile when I’m down. He’s one of the kindest, warmest souls I’ve seen in my life. His smile, whether I’ve wanted it to be or not, is contagious, and even in the worst of moods a part of me will stir to it. Through him and his wife Sheta, I have met some beautiful people whom I now treasure, and with them have learned many valuable things that will leave an imprint on me forever.

“Like all extraordinary teachers and friends do, Meridjet did in fact change my life at a time where fast, forward progression was needed, and has stayed consistent, true, and ever-loving as our relationship progressed. I am stronger because of knowing him. I live with a more heightened awareness because of him.

“He is a light in the darkness.

“I love you, and thank you for everything, M.”

— Nina

From Gerald del Campo:

Gerald del Campo

“Perhaps one of the greatest assets a writer can have is a good editor. Sheta is thorough and critical, explaining her edits along the way, always providing learning opportunities. She is well versed in the various standard editing practices used in the industry and takes pride in her work.

“This is particularly difficult in a genre where the spirit of what one is saying is often more important than the actual letter. Top that with the fact that English is my second language and one can easily see why Sheta deserves a medal. I can say that I am proud of my publishing efforts, both for Immanion Press and Rending The Veil, and this is in no small part due to Sheta’s expertise and hard work.”

— Gerald Del Campo, Founder and CEO, Order of Thelemic Knights & The Thelemic Gnostic Church of Alexandria; author of “The Heretic’s Guide to Thelema” and “New Aeon Magick: Thelema Without Tears.” Testimonial left at Linkedin.

4 Responses to “Testimonials – Sheta”

  1. The Netherlands says:

    I have to say Meridjet and Sheta really gave me a lot more insight on my SC.
    They also helped me make sense of things that i didn’t understand.

    They both have been really helpful (Definitely worth the 20$!).

  2. Kim says:

    Sheta and Meridjet are awesome! They both have the excellent ability to lead you to the right answers and get you to pay attention to things you might otherwise not have noticed. I definitely got the nudge I needed in the right direction to continue working with my own SC. I’d recommend them any day of the week!

  3. Jen (Xaia) says:

    I just had a first reading with Sheta a couple nights ago. Of course, as I had been warned by Dydan, Meridjet popped in to say a few things. I can honestly say I was a little unsure about him, but he completely validated himself, I think without even meaning to.

    I loved talking with them both; Sheta is very easy to talk to, and we talked about many things in addition to discovering information about my Spirit Companion.

    Going into this reading, I wasn’t quite sure how it would go, but I know I got far more out of it than expected. All useful, helpful information, that explains so much. Even explanations for things that I didn’t consciously realize I wanted clarification on.

    It was a fabulous experience, and I look forward to working with Sheta and Meridjet more in the future.

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