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Hi, I’m Sheta Kaey (pronounced SHEE-tuh kay). In a nutshell, I teach people how to perceive, communicate, and work with spirits. I’ve been doing this since 2001, and in my tiny little pond (niche), I am probably the biggest fish you’ve never heard of. Yet. If you had told me in my wayward youth that someday my most salable skill would be talking to and about spirits, I would have had you checked immediately for a concussion or brain tumor, or something. That’s just nuts.

I’ll tell you a secret, though: The number of people with interactive, life-enhancing spirit relationships is higher than you might suspect. Most people just don’t talk about it. And contrary to what you might think, most people don’t go about seeking a spirit companion. I did not.

It all happened by accident, if you believe in accidents. I’d been interested in matters of the occult since childhood, and I’d always been able to feel unseen presences or “energy,” but I’d always stood firmly grounded in the material universe. It was real if I could see it, touch it, feel it… but only if other people could also vouch for that reality. This need for external validation is ingrained in modern society — if other people can’t see it, you’re hallucinating.

When you start to see things or hear things (even in your mind’s eye or ear) that other people can’t perceive, it’s only natural to wonder if you’ve gone crazy. When Meridjet showed up, suddenly I was hearing and sometimes even seeing this immaterial being, and it wasn’t at all like what I’d expected seeing and hearing to be. This made it confusing, and made me doubt more. These perceptions were supported only inconsistently by my sense of “feeling,” the kind that has nothing in common with touch. (You ever had “the creeps”? It’s kind of like that, except that it’s not an unpleasant experience.) I spent a lot of time seeking out external validation.

This all happened in the early 1990s, before the Internet made it comparatively easy to find information or even other people who share your experience. I suffered through the growing pains of daily spirit contact alone, agonizing over the validity of every little thing. I hope to spare you this pain.

Seeking external validation is natural, up to a point. After that, it becomes unhealthy, like a craving, a need.

When you visit a “psychic” at one of the usual Web offerings, you’ll be charged a genuinely shocking per-minute fee for them to provide you with validation. It will make you feel great, for a while. But it fades, and you’ll eventually need to seek it again, and again. It’s addicting. It’s expensive. And worst of all, it leaves you feeling dependent upon the source of the validation. It doesn’t have to be that way. Let me show you:

  1. Why the different types of spirit entities get attention from different types of people, and how to make sure yours is compatible with you
  2. You can learn to perceive spirits, to hear and see as clearly as any medium charging $8 or more per hour
  3. Two tried and true methods of testing your perceptions and validating them yourself
  4. Why reality is flexible, and why that’s important if you interact with spirits
  5. What the multiverse is, and how to visit anywhere you want at the blink of an eye, interacting with others for increased validation
Sheta Kaey, November 2010

Reclaim your power and stop paying psychics.

You can remember how to perceive. I firmly believe we’re all born with the ability to perceive the immaterial multiverse, and we’re taught by adults to ignore anything unseen as “imaginary” until we rarely perceive such things — and when we do, we feel defective, not enhanced by the ability. We grow up and take on the very same attitudes toward our children, and thus perpetuate society’s current credo. Societal views change slowly, even in the face of overwhelming evidence. People dislike having their worldviews shaken up. Our paradigms are meant to provide security, not lock in an objective absolute. When that security is violated by our perception of something that isn’t supposed to be there, we point the blame upon ourselves.

You can learn to trust your perceptions, and validate them independently. No more $10 per minute psychics providing inconsistent lip service. I can teach you how to open to your senses, fine-tune them, and use them to develop a fully functional relationship with your spirit companion, spirit guide, spirit lover, or SoulBond. You can take control of your own communication, and develop confidence that what you perceive is accurate.

My guarantee to you

Over twenty years of experience working with spirits (and their human partners) daily has given me a wealth of information. Peruse what I have to offer, and select what you feel will be most helpful to you in your situation. If you buy one of my products and follow my advice for 30 days but have no progress, I will refund 100% of the purchase price if you return the product in resalable condition within 45 days of purchase. I can do this because I offer actual skills training, not a psychic reading that you choose to believe or not believe.

Receive email support. Each package comes with at least one follow-up email in which I answer any questions you have, within the scope of the presentation, until you have full understanding of the material. If you need clarification or help, I can be reached at You can even call, if you have an urgent matter or would like to discuss a product prior to purchase. Some packages include a one-hour phone call. I answer my own phone; no secretary or automated service on my phone line. 1-281-624-9650. I do screen my calls, so your best bet is to text me first and give me a head’s up that you’ll be calling. Currently, I do not have a way for international clients to phone me cheaply, but you can arrange a voice or text chat by emailing me above until I can get international calling set up.

Best times to call: I am a night owl residing in the U.S. Central time zone. That’s UTC-6 except in summer (-5). I am usually awake between 3 p.m. and 3 a.m., but I don’t worry about the clock as much as the average person, and I’m pretty amicable about the phone waking me up. Try texting first; if I’m asleep, I won’t respond.

Changes in Sheta’s Services

I’ve recently realized that I can help more people more efficiently by packaging my content rather than trying to always schedule live sessions. You can benefit from my expertise and assistance on your own time frame, following up when it’s convenient for you. This also makes it easier for me to include perks and bonus material. After careful consideration, I’ve decided to restrict my one-on-one sessions to consultation and coaching, and to take my name off of the general booking calendar. (Current active clients will receive one year grace period to schedule random sessions.)

This means I’m no longer available to channel your spirit (except as may be offered in future packages) without a profoundly good reason and prior negotiation. (If you need to negotiate a service I do not officially offer, email me to discuss it. You won’t know until you ask.) It also means I’m no longer available to anybody off the street for random appointments. Appointments need to be negotiated via phone or email. This allows me to ascertain your precise problems, frustrations, and needs, determine the best methods to address them, and select the best medium for conveying those methods to you.

Here’s how I make a living

My skills and knowledge are worth paying for, because I’ve spent a lifetime actively developing a talent and skill set that few people share. Granted, there are thousands of psychic mediums and clairvoyants to be found, though finding a good one you can trust will probably cost you quite a bit in lost revenue due to fraudsters and yes-folks (those that agree with anything you state you desire, only ever offering encouragement, never bad news). I give you the tools to be your own medium, and these tools work, even if you have no experience with psychic awareness. Validation is fleeting, but the skills that I will teach you will last forever, saving you thousands of dollars. I have no desire to bleed you and string you along, dependent upon my powers of validation. Have you noticed how your spirit companion comes across somewhat (or a LOT) differently, depending on who is in contact with him? Every medium colors the message, sort of like how a rusted pipe will discolor the water passing through it. The solution to this problem is simple and changes everything about the purity of that contact: Take out the middleman, and contact the spirit directly. I will give you the necessary tools to make progress in these areas and more —

  • Differentiate between Real and Imagination.
  • Build your spirit relationship with emotional openness; no embarrassment factor of talking through a third party!
  • Take advantage of proven exercises in strengthening contact.
  • Learn to experience sexual intimacy with a spirit.
  • Interact on the astral plane without fear.
  • Protect yourself from unwanted spirit interference and psychic attack.
  • Understand the different types of spirits, and how YOUR views affect them.
  • Utilize your relationship with a spirit to accelerate your spiritual growth.
  • Understand how the subtle senses function and develop increasingly higher levels of psychic sensitivity.
  • Learn to judge the clarity of a psychic’s perceptions, instead of them judging yours!
  • Learn to eschew limitations and step outside your comfort zone to change your reality.
  • and more!

Information packages to come

Packages will begin to appear before June 2014 and will vary, and sometimes a package will only be available for a limited time. This allows me to actually make money, because if everything were always in some store just waiting, there’d be little incentive for anyone to purchase anything today. I can’t eat someone’s plans to purchase later, so I have to provide a reason for the customer to purchase sooner. In addition to earning money through my own products and services, I may be adding affiliate programs that I find useful. If I do, I will tell you flat out what I get out of it, and will offer you something extra to go along with the offer to sweeten the deal for you.

If you need Sheta’s attention urgently, there’s an Emergency Q & A Session available in the scheduler for $395. This buys you one hour of questions about spirits or the spirit world. Terms and conditions apply. We can talk on the phone, voice chat, or text chat — your choice. I use Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and Google Hangouts. At this time I do NOT offer video chats.

Current active clients will receive one year access to scheduling random sessions with me as they’re accustomed to doing; after one year, clients will need to transition to one of the new packages. Email to schedule future sessions. Do NOT send payment until arrangements are made.

It is my hope that streamlining my focus this way will bring my knowledge to more people faster, and deliver the information more thoroughly, following an established plan rather than advised without preparation. There is value in the question-and-answer (Q & A) exchange, however, so I will always include at least one personal conversation to follow up with answers to your questions. I strongly recommend that you try the exercises or follow the tips, and discover your new questions, before scheduling your follow-up session.

History and Qualifications

  • 1993 — First began to consciously communicate with spirit guides.
  • 1994 — Meridjet came to me, and I began a more personal relationship with a spirit.
  • 1999 — Began to counsel others, mostly via channeling Meridjet online. Also met author Donald Tyson, the first person I met with a spirit companion. He remains a good friend.
  • 2001 — I created my first spirit companion online community, now hosted at Yahoogroups. It’s still active, so please feel free to join!
  • 2002 — I started my first LiveJournal account. I still maintain a journal there, though it’s mostly a mirror of my blog for friends who still blog there.
  • 2003 — Began to counsel others with spirit companions on how to gain better contact. This counseling was in conjunction with Meridjet, and included working with the other person’s spirit companion(s).
  • 2004 — the LiveJournal Spirit Companion community was born.
  • 2005 — Began to teach others how to astral project, and how astral levels function.
  • 2006 — Rending the Veil was born.
  • 2009 — Established official online presence as a brand, building upon ten years of solid reputation-building.

Offsite Pages of Possible Interest, regarding Meridjet

Disclaimers: (1.) Please be aware that advice given by any reader or any spirit channeled at this site is not meant to supersede, augment, or replace medical or professional advice. We are not doctors, and while spirits may have a higher view, the message is limited by the medium and his/her capacity to relay that message accurately. If you have a medical or mental health issue, please consult a professional. (2.) Channeling your spirit companion is a service that accompanies, not replaces, spirit associated counseling. Your SC is welcome to assist in this counseling, but if all you require is a medium, there are hundreds to be found online who’d be happy to serve you.

11 Responses to “Sheta Kaey”

  1. Walter Pop says:

    Hi Sheta,

    I am very sorry that you were banned

    This is Succubussed message about you:

    Sheta has been banned

    Tags : None
    Not for doing anything wrong, but because Kate thinks she is telling lies, and in this regard, lies can be incredibly hurtful.

    I was not entirely comfortable with the things that Sheta said, but Kate was adamant that what she said was based on untruth and manipulation of people’s feelings, and because this is a subject upon which so many of us are giving our all, then falsehood can be incredibly damaging.

    If you have a problem with this action, please take it up with me in PM. If you protest this action in the open forum, you will be in violation of forum rules.

    This lier has also banned me but I’m back using another name and IP-address.
    Not to be stopped.

    Greetings from the Netherlands
    Walter Pop

    • Sheta Kaey says:

      Thanks for commenting and letting me know what Succubussed had to say. I don’t know how many people believe him, but I promise you I don’t deliberately mislead any of my clients, ever.


  2. Succubussed says:

    Sheta, I am sorry to see that you have taken being banned from the forum so badly.

    Despite what you appear to have been told, it was not a group decision (someone from The Netherlands is a little deluded about how much influence they had in the group) to ban you. It was one of the few times that I have unilaterally decided to kick someone out, and if there was anyone’s influence involved besides my own in the decision making process it was Kate.

    I didn’t even consult with the other admins about it, so if you have a problem with the action, your friction lies between you and I and Kate.

    I am really sorry to see you making such a public fuss about it, and even more sorry to see you exercise such horrible netiquette as to post PMs between us on your very public forum.

    You doing that removed any doubts that i had about whether or not |i did the right thing.

    Let it go, Sheta, It’s over.

  3. Succubussed says:

    Also, despite his belief that he has infiltrated the forum under a new name with a new IP, Vries Willem, AKA Kerelderie has been spotted and banned.

    And because of his shenanigans, and the actions of another multiply-banned member, the forum is no longer accepting new members.

    This really sucks, because there are people who really need to talk about this thing that happens to them, in a forum where the discussion of sex is not a side issue, but we can’t have people running deceptions about even the most basic thing, such as who they are.


    • Sheta Kaey says:

      I don’t know who Willem is. I’m not real clear on user names, real names, and chat names for each person. I know a guy on Skype has been damn near gloating over the fact that I got banned.

      As for my public posting of your banning, I didn’t share any personal information and I used the screen cap to ensure that the truth was represented. Sorry if you don’t like it, but that’s a risk you take when you behave the way you have behaved. Your removal of me from your group was unfair. You didn’t even have a conversation with me about your concerns first. You just took a spirit’s word — You must hear very clearly, if you can be absolutely certain of what she says and certain it’s not just your own fears being projected. It’s irresponsible leader behavior and the way you handled it was flat out cowardice.

      I won’t be sending people to your group anymore. You seem to think you’ve got some big authority on the topic and that your group is all there is, but it’s not like that. People can talk about sex in my groups; it’s not a hot-potato topic. I’m genuinely sorry to lose the new friends I was making in your group all because you make assumptions and pronounce judgments without one iota of investigation. I’m sorry you’ve libeled me. But if you think that my “sin” of posting your screen cap is remotely comparable, you’re deluded.

  4. Hawk Season says:

    Hello Sheeta Kae,

    I was wondering where I could read more about your packages since I find them to be
    an advantage for both sides. All seem very good. I will appreciate your prompt answer
    thank you.

  5. t says:

    Hi there,
    I have a amazing incubus but we have a communication prob, prob more on my side ….id like to know more about him … itpossible u can help.?…im willing to pay :)

  6. Brynn says:

    I know there is some type of spirit in my room. Ive heard him and felt him. But he comes and goes. Do you have advice on how to speak to him.

  7. Terra Incognita has transitioned now quietly into oblivion (thank god) though our work continues. I became enormously interested in the Hieros Gamos (Gnostic Holy of Holies) and magick in a Western European context when I took a class in Jewish Kabbalah at DePaul University where a non-Kabbalist Rabbi taught an introduction. I laughed out loud when he said the Hieros Gamos was where God comes down and integrates with a Jewish congregation during their service. Rabbi, I said, don’t you know what the Hieros Gamos is? Its where the “god” possesses the Sumerian King during the harvest ritual and has sex with the High Pirestess of the city for the crops to grow. He didn’t believe me – but to his credit went to his teacher at the University of Chicago who told him I was right. Its nested in the 9th sefirot.

    I did my final paper on the tarot cards and the Tree of Life trying to reconcile the differences between the cards and the sefirot in the Jewish Tree of Life. The problem (of course) is that the cards are not based on the Jewish but the Hermetic Tree who, when they were developing them in the Medici court changed the sefirots in order to avoid the Hieros Gamos putting a hermit instead in the 9th position and entirely avoding the sacred feminine so prominent in the Jewish Tree of Life.

    I have continued my research into why in hells bells did the Sacred Rites end up in a strict monotheistic religion like Judaism? it was so weird. Anyway I’m created a prototype deck based on my own mysticism to see if there’s a rubric to be had for a more universal deck to be developed that would reflect an entity descending on a chosen human to do some kind of “Calling” as it happened at Terra.

    My unfinished history and working can be found at
    Perhaps I can begin blogging here to find others who might have an interest in the Hieros Gamos as a part of Western European magick – especially since we’re so confused about what sex magick means in a sacred context of interacting with these conscious energy beings?

    I’d love the opinions of others and perhaps other places to research what happened before the Gnostics to find its place in a Renaissance Jewish Kabbalah and the misunderstandings around entity/human interactions and how they effect magick today?

    Your thoughts?
    Amanda Torrey recently posted..Eros, Orpheus and On the Origin of the World by Alexander RiveraMy Profile

  8. Maxine says:

    Hi there Sheta,

    I was wondering if you still offer packaged training courses on communicating with spirit companions, or initiating contact?

    Thanks for your help.

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