Renee DuPoint

Lucid dreaming for spirit interaction

Our most recent new practitioner, Renee DuPoint, offers instruction to use lucid dreamstates to contact and interact with your spirit friends. She is skilled in attaining and maintaining the lucid state of dreaming, and for over 20 years has interacted with her spirit guides in this dreamstate. Let her show you how to fine tune your dream skills and utilize them to your best advantage, gaining insight into your daily life, your choices and decisions, and your overall relationship.

PRICE: $2.00 per minute, 30 minute minimum.

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Disclaimer: 1. Please be aware that advice given by any reader or any spirit channeled at this site is not meant to supersede, augment, or replace medical or professional advice. We are not doctors, and while spirits may have a higher view, the message is limited by the medium and his/her capacity to relay that message accurately. If you have a medical or mental health issue, please consult a professional. 2. Channeling your spirit companion is a service that accompanies, not replaces, spirit associated counseling. Your SC is welcome to assist in this counseling, but if all you require is a medium, there are hundreds to be found online who’d be happy to serve you.

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