I am a Kemetic practitioner living in Scotland, studying Psychology and Theology and Religious Studies part-time. I have been a devotee of the Egyptian Gods since 2008, and was Kemetic Orthodox for two years. My interest in divination has led to me owning many sets of decks, runes, and sticks over time, and I currently use several methods privately. Communicating with deities is probably my favourite aspect of divination, as their insight and humour is something I thoroughly enjoy.

Isha’s Services

Tarot Divination

This reading uses one of a few possible decks, selected at the time of the spread based on the type of question you’re asking. There is no fixed spread used for this type of reading, and spreads will be chosen and adapted based on your needs. Interpretations, like the spreads, are partially intuitive, and are influenced by the spirits and energies that have linked themselves to the decks. When I divine, I take the formal interpretation, and the intuitive interpretation, and I. . . know.

Learn the guidance of deity with Isha.

Warnings and Information

I cannot be responsible for readings that are uncomfortable, unpleasant, or ambiguous. I pass on the result of each reading as accurately as possible.

Readings come in different sizes based on the complexity of the answer desired, and all questions are suitable. You are welcome to bring any issue to a reading, even if it isn’t well formed.


Divination can be done via email, or on Instant Messenger. Instant Messenger readings are by appointment. Appointments are available from mid-afternoon until after midnight Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on most days. Estimated wait time is up to 5 business days.

Tarot Divination with Aset and Serqet

Using a tarot deck dedicated to Aset (Isis) and Serqet (Selket), who answer through the cards, I can relay answers to specific questions by interpreting the symbols in this Egyptian tarot deck. Readings come in different sizes based on the complexity of the answer desired. While all questions are suitable and welcome, these Goddesses’ specialities include magical and spiritual advancement, careers, trauma, addictions, and long term life problems.

Working with Divinity

Divinity based work has a number of benefits. Deities have specific personalities that can assist in determining what a reading means. Their independent nature means they will often answer what they perceive to be a more important question or issue, if it will solve what they feel is a problem in your life. Choosing to work with a deity and with the advice they provide can engender their interest, further advice, or assistance further down the road.


Number of cards Price
4 cards $20
10 cards $35
15 cards $50

Elaborations on ambiguous readings can be pulled for additional fees — $5 per card.

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Disclaimers: (1.) Please be aware that advice given by any reader or any spirit channeled at this site is not meant to supersede, augment, or replace medical or professional advice. We are not doctors, and while spirits may have a higher view, the message is limited by the medium and his/her capacity to relay that message accurately. If you have a medical or mental health issue, please consult a professional. (2.) Channeling your spirit companion is a service that accompanies, not replaces, spirit associated counseling. Your SC is welcome to assist in this counseling, but if all you require is a medium, there are hundreds to be found online who’d be happy to serve you.

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