Market Research Survey 2013

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Market Research Survey 2013

As we prepare to kick off the new year (assuming the world doesn’t end, natch) with new services and an upcoming product line, it seemed prudent to conduct a survey of our audience to see who is interested in what. I am going to paste below, but the link to the document itself is here. Download, fill it out, and email it to if you would like to participate. Your opinions matter, and we need this information badly! We want to make the site a second home for you, so help us out and tell us what you like! :)


Content of Survey

Rending the Veil Market Research Survey 2013

Rending the Veil occult magazine is conducting the following survey so that we may better know the pulse of the online esoteric community, and thereby develop the products and services most sought after by our readers and fellow community members. Please respond to as many questions as you like, and provide as much detail as possible.

Please email completed survey to


This section includes questions concerning information content online in the area of metaphysics.

1. When seeking information online about magick, metaphysics, or the occult, what are your favorite sources of information?

2. Do you find much inaccurate information online about metaphysics, magick, or the occult? How do you recognize when information is inaccurate, if the topic is not familiar to you?

3. What are some of the red flags you have learned to watch for when discerning between websites containing accurate versus inaccurate information? Do inaccurate websites have any particular commonalities aside from their misinformation?

4. Do you experience problems with inaccurate information appearing on otherwise reputable websites?

5. What factors do you consider when selecting online sources of information?

6. Who are your favorite metaphysical authors? Why?

7. Who are your least favorite metaphysical authors? Why?

8. When considering newly released online metaphysical content, which are you more attracted to?
a. an issue-by-issue format offering several articles released at the same time
b. an ongoing release format wherein new articles appear on a regular basis, as submitted, rather like a blog.

9. What do you like or dislike about online magazines such as RTV?

10. Magick users often comment that finding information on more advanced practices (beyond “101”) is difficult, online and offline. Do you agree or not? If so, what would you like to see in response to this information vacuum? Are there particular areas of interest you would like to see address in greater detail?

11. What would you suggest to Rending the Veil to improve your experience of reading our content online?

12. Do you have any favorite or least favorite features or columns at RTV?


This section concerns online services (or the lack thereof) in the area of metaphysics.

13. When considering your metaphysical path to date, what are some obstacles you’ve encountered when trying to further your practice?

14. Do you have easy access to mentors, teachers, and/or other practitioners with more experience who can help you overcome these obstacles?

15. Would you be interested in a service connecting struggling occultists with more advanced practitioners who can mentor them along the way?

16. What factors would you consider when purchasing this service?

17. When considering other online metaphysical services, what is your overall impression? (This includes “psychic” services, such as

18. What do you like about services currently on the market?

19. What do you dislike about services currently on the market?

20. What areas would you suggest to these services for improvement?

21. What is the appropriate price for a service that helps you overcome difficulties in your practice, or that teaches you to develop new skills or expand skills you already possess?

22. Do you utilize divination service providers (“psychic readers,” et al.) online or offline? If no, why not?

23. If you found an online divination service provider that was specifically offered from occultists to other occultists, would you be interested in knowing more?

24. What would be the appropriate price for a divination service of this nature? What is the appropriate price (as opposed to the prices actually charged) for a run-of-the-mill psychic reader?


This section concerns occult retail products offered for sale online and in the general market.

25. When considering occult or metaphysical retail products available online, what are your overall impressions?

26. Does this differ from your experiences shopping for these same products in the stores, and if so, how?

27. What types of products do you seek when shopping for your metaphysical practice? (X or highlight.)
a. Tools     b. Altar décor     c. Incense & burners
d. Herbal incense     e. Entheogens     f. Art / home décor
g. Ritual oils     h. Shamanism costumes etc.     i. Other (comment)

28. Are you interested in handmade items made by other practitioners for ritual use?

29. What are some of the complaints you have about purchasing metaphysical supplies?

30. What factors do you consider when purchasing metaphysical supplies?

31. What do you like or dislike about products currently on the market?

32. What areas would you suggest for improvement?

33. Do you currently buy or use Herbal Incense Blends?

34. What is an appropriate price, based on current market standards in your area, for 1.5 grams of herbal incense blend?

35. If we offered a return deposit of 10 ¢ for empty herbal incense containers, would you go to the trouble of returning them for credit on your next order?

36. What would you like to see available for sale that you usually have trouble locating?

37. Do you have any particular frustrations or suggestions regarding online metaphysical retail sales, please share.


This section asks for information that will help us understand our audience, who they are, what they do, and so forth. As with the rest of this survey, this section is entirely optional, but it would be of great help to us if you would include as much information as you feel comfortable offering.

38. Your age:

39. Your gender:

40. Your marital status:

41. Your highest level of education:

42. Your occupation:

43. Your annual income:

44. Your location:

45. Your path/tradition:

46. Level of occult experience:


Please X or otherwise highlight any topics below in which you are interested:

altered states of consciousness     alternate realities     anomalies in reality     astrology     astral projection     animal totems     gnosis     initiation     invocation     lucid dreaming     magick     multiverse     mystical experiences     ordeal work     pathworking     perception     psychology     Qabalah     ritual     scrying     self-transformation     sex with spirits     shamanism     working with spirits     subtle senses     synchronicity     tarot     the great work     Thelema     theurgy     thaumaturgy     trance     evocation     deity work     chaos magick     runes     Vodoun     Wicca     alchemy     Enochian     elemental work     ceremonial magick     demonology     NLP     LHP     Goetia     Abramelin     SoulBonding     Otherkin     Other (comment)

Rending the Veil is seeking serious volunteers to help kick off next summer with new features and new staff. Also, we now welcome submissions anytime, so send in your best pieces today! Volunteer application (.docx).


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