Jupiter in Aquarius 2009 e.v.

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Jupiter in Aquarius 2009 e.v.

Jupiter enters Aquarius (Jupiter in Aquarius: January 5, 2009 – January 18, 2010) A technological era of economic advancement begins January 2009 with the planet of luck and fortune, Jupiter, newly entering the constellation Aquarius. Jupiter in Aquarius brings innovative solutions to economic problems. It also allows us to realize our economic strength as whole communities, bringing people together to work towards building financial strength and salvation.

A review of the past: Jupiter in Capricorn

(December 18, 2007 – January 5, 2009) Since December 18, 2007, Jupiter was traveling through Capricorn, focusing the magic of great wealth and expense on such Capricorn-like things as construction, building, banking, corporate growth, architectural feats, estate management, and administrative expertise.

Jupiter in Capricorn brought numerous types of business endeavors with regard to corporate takeovers, big shifts in property management and, as we’ve seen in last year’s American housing crunch, foreclosures in the banking industry. Capricorn’s key phrase is “I use,” and there has been no mistaking the fact that many people’s misfortune or mismanagement of financial affairs has been to the prosperous advantage of wealthy real estate tycoons and other such shifty manipulators of the economic slump which openly reared its ugly head in early 2008. It was also evident that big economic change was headed our way when, on December 11, 2007, Jupiter reached an exact conjunction with the power-monger, Pluto — on the Sagittarius/Capricorn cusp — bringing some seriously disruptive changes to our economic powers and to our overall perception of what it means to maintain and experience wealth.

The past year of Jupiter in Capricorn has been a time of loss and financial mismanagement for many folks in North America, yet we must remember that Jupiter’s domain focuses on gain, and those areas of life where fortunes continue to rise, not fall. Just as it is in any era of marked recession, where many have fallen, some do excel at unprecedented rates. As a general rule, Jupiter’s influence brings enthusiasm, stimulates economy and focuses on prosperity. Even in difficult economic times, Jupiter puts us in touch with the necessity to find, to develop, or to create new skills and new means to generate prosperity. Jupiter is often the catalyst in raising the overall morale. Out of the drive to create competent caregivers, and practical management strategies, comes the hope of maintaining and rebuilding a stable economic future. While Jupiter was in Capricorn, the key to successful gains came with the proper management of goods and services.

Capricorn is conservative by nature, and requires the flow of prosperity to be useful, attainable, applicable, substantive, and controllable. The old Capricorn adage, “I use,” implies that favors have been hard won, wages have been compromised, and bargains haven’t come cheap. The demands and expectations of Capricorns are often high, and their stealth and thrifty propensity to achieve material growth through unrelenting persistence gives this sign its not-so-jovial reputation of being cold, calculating, profiteering and exclusive. Despite the downside of this corporate attitude, efficient and well organized frontiers of economic growth continue to thrive in many parts of the world. While Jupiter was in Capricorn, economic shifts have indeed had some weight to them, and this past year has been an especially useful time to take note of exactly who prospered — and why.

Jupiter in Aquarius

(January 5, 2009 – January 18, 2010) Jupiter now travels through the humanitarian domain of Aquarius, bringing the focus of knowledge and science to economic systems. Jupiter in Aquarius implies a time of experiment and taking chances. It is here that the term “thinking outside the box” is accentuated, with Aquarius representing eccentric and unconventional means of thought, while Jupiter represents unyielding increase and rapid growth. No such “box” has a chance to contain the type of expansion and unusual avenues of economic strategy that we (humanity) are about to encounter. Jupiter in Aquarius may lead to unusual, but very humane and conscientious encounters with richness and prosperity. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, bringing the radical and unpredictable qualities of chaos into the human equation. Jupiter expansively provides, while the radical energy of Uranus blatantly destroys all superfluous or unnecessary matter. Jupiter gloats over wealth, skill, and abundance; Uranus depletes, destroys, and strips away dysfunctional realities. Jupiter’s social appeal represents prosperous growth, valuable talents, fascination, joy, joviality, and the spreading of happiness. When Jupiter traverses through the Uranus ruled domain of Aquarius, the act of prospering occurs with a consciousness raising purpose, with innovative knowledge, and with a certain degree of chance taking and experiment. Jupiter in Aquarius brings economic changes which will affect the quality of our institutions and our public funding programs, which in turn affects each one of us individually. If there is a lack of expansion and growth for everyone, and too much economic suffering is occurring around us, the quality of life will eventually affect us on a personal level.

Aquarius focuses on how the overall good of humanity may operate and evolve. It seeks to undo and re-create outmoded or dysfunctional systems. This time of Jupiter in Aquarius will bring large sums of revenue that will be spent in the effort to create workable systems through the chaos of volatile markets. Jupiter in Aquarius takes us to a place where people can expand in unusual occupations and expertise. This may well be the time to invest in future markets that hold the most practical and feasible potentials for creating alternative resources and sources of power. Over the course of the next year, we will find ourselves adapting very quickly to some especially innovative uses of technology. Joy may be found in the power of invention. Through applied systems of knowledge and highly prized creative skills, as well as through unpredictable risks and the discovery of unbridled talents, Jupiter in Aquarius is likely to bring a very revealing picture of where our prosperous growth can be found.

Aquarius people will be able to enjoy some abundant opportunities and joyous personal experiences while Jupiter crosses over their natal Sun throughout the year to come. They will also have a strong influence on the wave of the economic future. The other air signs of the zodiac, Gemini and Libra, will enjoy the fruits of Jupiter being trine to their natal Sun signs in the next year. This will bring the potential for travel or financial boons of some kind for Gemini and Libra people. Leo folks would be wise to use their sensibilities and take precautions with their expenditures while Jupiter opposes their natal Sun over the next year. They may also find that the effort to handle massive volumes of business, or a large inheritance, may be overwhelming at times in the next year. Taurus and Scorpio people may discover that it will be especially difficult to keep up with expenses and opportunities in their lives while Jupiter squares to their natal Sun signs. They would be wise to proceed cautiously in business. Sagittarius and Aries people’s natal Sun signs will be in the sextile position to Jupiter this year, bringing the potential for business or career opportunities in those areas of life where these people have already been working hard, or where they have made some genuine effort to succeed over time.

This is a time of great change, as the slow moving planet Neptune, also in Aquarius, will be conjunct with Jupiter on December 21, bringing expansive spiritual growth to those seeking to broaden their awareness for social and economic growth. Jupiter conjunct Neptune will bring oil and gas resources into a revealing light as Neptune represents the realm of the oceanic underworld, the sea, and oil is one of the big commodities found in this realm. The time of Jupiter conjunct Neptune in Aquarius will also give strong clues about the spiritual evolution of our ideas of prosperity, and it will be one of the eye opening trendsetters of our economic outlook for the next decade or so.

Jupiter in Aquarius is bound to assist us towards an effort to uplift whole communities and to expand our awareness of the needs of others. Many social programs will be designed to improve people’s outlook, hope, and enthusiasm. We can also expect to see some very profitable breakthroughs for specific technological systems and in certain fields of science.

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Edited by Sheta Kaey

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