From the Editor – Avoiding Bias in Reviews

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From the Editor - Avoiding Bias in Reviews

I had originally intended to write a review for Donald Tyson’s Necronomicon Tarot, to be published alongside Lon Sarver’s review in this issue. As I read Lon’s perspective and reflected on my relationship with Don — who’s been a close friend of mine for nearly a decade — I realized that my bias was firmly in the way of composing an objective review.

I’d been confronted with the issue of bias once before, when I’d considered reviewing an anthology by Taylor Ellwood, a colleague of mine at Immanion Press. Such a dilemma was a new experience for me. I bowed out of reviewing that book, and never gave the matter much further thought. Now that it’s happened again, I have to consider that reviewing the works of anyone who has previously contributed to this magazine (or whom I already know) is a conflict of interest. For this reason, I won’t be reviewing any of Tyson’s works, now or in the future. I apologize to anyone who may have been expecting one, and direct you to Lon’s review instead. He did a good job.

— Sheta Kaey

From the Editor will be a semi-regular column by Sheta Kaey, concerning issues confronting Rending the Veil, its management, and its future. Sheta is Editor in Chief of Rending the Veil and is working on her first book.

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  1. Lupa says:

    *nods* I’ve turned down a few books for the very same reason.

    • RTV Admin says:

      Regarding your acct — I’ve updated the details and your icon shows up now, but we still need to get you set up with a pw and all that. /comment on wrong post

  2. Lupa says:

    Just let me know what I need to do. I have no idea how active I can be, what with school and everything else, but having this should at least help.

    • RTV Admin says:

      LOL It’s comment tag! And you’re not required to be active; it’s entirely up to you. Just thought you’d like to be able to login if you do come by.

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