Chaos Magick – Iconography

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Chaos Magick - Iconography

Every witch is familiar with intention-based magickal workings — Know Thy Will, focus intention through a process or on an object, direct the focused energy, then expect manifestation. For simple example, my Will is “I will be healthy and fit.” I then focus my intention of health onto an apple, directing that intention by eating an apple several times per day. Finally, I expect my body to manifest itself as healthy and fit. (Yes, sometimes magick is really that simple.)

I prefer intention-based magick when performing Elemental workings. But when Chaos is my ritual’s force majeure, nonintention seems to be most effective. After all, as powerful as consciousness is, it is also exactly what can screw up a spell. Self-sabotage is often subconscious, and quickly and cleanly effective. Working with Chaos through nonintent ritual eliminates the consciousness variable by allowing the unmanifest to randomly express exactly what you didn’t know you had Willed in an act of pure epigenius. Wild Chaos. Wise Discord.

Nonintention-based magical workings vary slightly from the intention-based sort: Know Thy Will, erase intentions from the conscious mind through an automatic perfection task, imprint task’s perfected symbol of forgotten intention onto the unconscious, live your life and forget about all of it.

Austin Osman Spare’s sigil magick is a beautiful system of nonintent. Even the simplest sigil spell is extremely effective. An outline for creating a basic sigil is: I write out my Will in capitol letters; “I WILL BE COVETED”. Then I begin the process of erasing my intention by crossing out any letter that appears twice, leaving me with; “IWBCOVTD.” I write the remaining letters directly on top of one another, noticing what new shapes are being made. Sketching and resketching my way into artistic trance where I am essentially performing automatic drawing, I define a new story from the previously overlapped shapes. My goal is perfection of the sigil, not artistic merit (necessarily). The task is perfect when I am done. I then imprint the new sigil deeply into the unconscious through orgasm, entheogen or physical exhaustion. Finally, I forget about forgetting about it and live my life.

The challenge and opportunity in this style of Chaos Magick lies in the honest erasing of intent. If I am thinking about “being coveted,” or thinking about “forgetting the desire to be coveted” while drawing, I am performing an intention-based working rather than a nonintent working. Success in sigil magick in this case, would be defined by becoming completely unable to recall one’s original intent. The honest erasing is the key.

Recently, a fellow Chaote partnered with me on an advanced sigil working that assures I have no idea what I’m working towards. Hail, Discord! Here is how we, together, achieved a powerful symbol of Forgotten Intention:

Advanced Sigil Working: Partner Iconography

  1. Know Thy Will and from it, locate your intent. I honestly cannot remember what my intent was upon start of this sigil working. Well done.

  3. Convey that intention to your magical partner. In this case, Chaote and professional magickal artist, Nemo, was my partner. In an email I suggested my now forgotten intention to Nemo, blurring the original intent already. The process of forgetting began with the first communication.

  5. Your magical partner now creates the sigil through automatic drawing. Nemo, in this case tells me that he held space for my original intent, and then concentrated so deeply that he tranced out, surrendering all my (and his) intention to the spirit that wished to be drawn. Again, we stepped even further away from my original intent.
  6. On this, Nemo adds, “My own form of ‘forgetting’ is done by trance. . . akin to making the outline of a form with intention and then filling in the details by intuition/ deep-mind/ trance/ universal-will. . .” and, “The key to making this kind of painting is to focus on your intent so deeply, you forget it at the moment of manifestation.”

  7. You receive the finished artwork, then imprint the entirely new symbol of forgotten intent onto the unconscious. In this case, Nemo created a vibrant piece of art in the center of which is my glowing image. We’ve coined this artistic sigil style Iconography. I imprinted my Icon into the unconscious by dancing about it, around it, in front of it until I was flat with exhaustion. I then meditated on its visual for three days more.

  9. Finally, appreciate the artwork and live your life. All of this comprises a forgetting technique. I appreciated Nemo’s art as a magnificent masterpiece and displayed it on my hearth. Friends commented on it, it brightened my Beltane eventing. By trusting a magical partner with my intention, allowing him to transform intention into an original piece of art, and relating to the artwork as nothing more than beautiful artwork, I have honestly forgotten my original intent. And don’t you know, without me knowing, this new symbol presents itself to me throughout my daily life in different forms — I see a cactus in a Hollywood garden, I dream of candy cane octopi, I enjoy the sight of the art on my mantle.

Together, Nemo and I have created a path for random genius to emerge — in a form of its own unexpected choosing, and without the chance for my conscious mind to interfere. I am working with the unmanifest here. My Will is done without me even knowing it.

So mote it be.

©2009 by Tonya Kay.
Edited by Sheta Kaey.

Tonya Kay is an actress, pro dancer, danger artist and raw vegan renegade appearing this year on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien, CBS’s Criminal Minds, Comedy Central’s Secret Girlfriend, Showtime’s Live Nude Comedy and the History Channel’s More Extreme Marksmen. Look for Tonya Kay, starring in Jim Balent’s comic book series Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose, the pagan-centric 9-years-running comic (released Nov 25). For a complete nutritional analysis of Tonya Kay’s athletic raw vegan diet, visit

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7 Responses to “Chaos Magick – Iconography”

  1. Anthony says:

    Fantastic article, Tonya. I’ve never studied Wicca but to me this seems to be all about healing. The art is the channeled antidote to the subconscious blocks. Love it!

  2. Tonya Kay says:

    Anthony, there is certainly a lot of surrender of control in my work and that, surely, is a major source of healing. I used to not believe in healing or protection work. A sort of “no sickness” “no enemies” coveted mind frame. I still hold that ideal as one of my realities, but in another, I now practice healing and protection as well. While staying as healthy and in as good of karma as I can! Makes the work load lighter:-)
    .-= Tonya Kay´s last blog ..Updated December 15th, 2009 =-.

    • Anthony says:

      Tonya, thanks for your additional insights… you gave me some good confirmation regarding where I’d like to focus my energies next. My inner work has been mostly about healing the child and bringing the shadow side into the light, clearing karma, etc., but so much focus on this has brought about too much passivity perhaps. Now it’s time to find the “no sickness, no enemies” warrior again, this time from a (hopefully) wiser perspective. I enjoy your articles and blogs because you have the guts to make your inner process public. Take care.

  3. Tonya Kay says:

    Anthony, thanks for valuing me. It is really my deepest desire to communicate and create community this way – by sharing my inner process so that others might share or at least consider theirs more clearly, like you did here. Thank YOU.

    On what you mentioned, I’ve found my Dark path workings most valuable in eventual “no sickness, no enemies” power. Before I worked with Darkness, I had dreams of magickal/spiritual incompetency, which in waking life reflects that I felt controlled by some force I wasn’t fully aware of. Bless the hippies, fairies and healers – I am in a way, one of them! They are beautiful and their world is filled with light! But let that not be to the detriment of Knowing Thy Self fully. It is quite easy to reach in that closet and pull the fear, the insecurity, the Darkness into the light. But irony is; if you’ve done that, you’ve still not known your Darkness. You’ve got to get inside the closet and shut the door. Bless them both, the Dark I know so well and the Light that allows me to focus!
    .-= Tonya Kay´s last blog ..Updated December 19th, 2009 =-.

  4. Andy Jacob says:

    As you probably know already I am a big fan of your practice and practitioners. One comment I could not help [but ed.] endorse is the precious irony with which the Dark protects the Light ;-) Love.

  5. Chaos Magick says:

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    I was reading your blog and wondering if you would be interested in submitting to a Occult related E-Zine?

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  6. Annie says:

    Hi Tonya

    This stuff is really deep, how would you relate it to yoga or transendental medtation. Have I completely misunderstood the message!!!
    Annie recently posted..digestitMy Profile

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