Book Review – The Science of the Craft

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Book Review - The Science of the Craft

The Science of the Craft: Modern Realities in the Ancient Art of Witchcraft
By William Keith
Citadel 2005 $12.95 US
ISBN-13: 978-0806526331
IBSN-10: 0-8065-2633-5
256 Pages
Reviewer: Lupa

In recent years there have been a number of books using quantum physics to explain the way magic works. Of all of the ones I’ve read, this one lays it out most plainly and simply — but it’s got some serious material!

The writing is conversational, and communicates the ideas effectively. Keith shows us how quantum physics works, with highlights on key experiments from the Renaissance onward that build up to our present understanding. These are then woven into magical practice, explaining just what it is that makes magic work on a quantum level.

My only question is why he didn’t refer to Chaos magic more, particularly Peter J. Carroll’s Liber Kaos. While he does discuss Chaos magic, it doesn’t seem like he quite gets what it is. Liber Kaos probably would have made that a different section, but this is a small complaint overall.

I highly recommend this book to any pagan, magician or other magic worker, especially if you’re more of a right-brained person who finds hard science a little puzzling.

Review ©2007 Lupa. Edited by Sheta Kaey

Lupa is the author of Fang and Fur, Blood and Bone: A Primal Guide to Animal Magic, A Field Guide to Otherkin, and co-author of Kink Magic, among other works. You can read her blog at and see her website at

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