Avete #5 – Farewell

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Avete #5 - Farewell

Dear Readers, Writers & Staff,
I’m really pleased to see how well things are going here at Rending the Veil. It’s a dream come true for the guy who came up with the idea that started it all. I know that there will be dips and bumps in the road, but I’m pretty sure that when all is said and done, RTV will be held as a success.

For the time being, however, I’m bowing out. I’m simply not able to devote the time and attention to the project that it really deserves. Sheta has been doing a fabulous job as managing editor, and has gotten a lot of really passionate and intelligent people on board to fulfill a lot of the spots I should have been. A lot of the writers here are some of the best around, and I hope to see more people submitting articles and starting columns.

As for me, I’m going to be hitting the ol’ dusty trail for the foreseeable future. If I get any good ideas, I’ll submit isolated articles here and there, but as things stand I’m too distracted to keep my writing up to par. Hell, even this goodbye is short and very late!

I apologize to one and all for not pulling my weight and for the low quality of my submissions. Taking a few steps back like this ought to mean that when I do write for RTV, that it’ll at least be worth running.

Good luck to one and all, and to the Rending the Veil project as a whole! You’ve already made me proud.

In Peace Profound,
Nicholas Graham

©2007 Nicholas Graham. Edited by Sheta Kaey

Nicholas Graham is the author of The Four Powers. You can read his blog here.

Rending the Veil is seeking serious volunteers to help kick off next summer with new features and new staff. Also, we now welcome submissions anytime, so send in your best pieces today! Volunteer application (.docx).


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