Avete #1 – Welcome

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Avete #1 - Welcome

This section will usually be reserved for my pointless ramblings and insane rants. For now, however, I’d like to welcome you, one and all!

This project of ours would be close to pointless without the writers submitting their work and the readers submitting their eyes and minds. Thank you all for being here, even if your stay is short, and I hope that you can find something here to give you some new ideas or insight into old ones.

The purpose of this site is to act as a free periodical for the magical community. It has been my experience that there is very little any more for magicians who are not specifically Neo-Pagan, or who are Pagan but practice forms of magic or mysticism which are not particular to their branch of Neo-Paganism. I am a Neo-Pagan, so do not take this as being a dig on Neo-Paganism! Instead, we are trying to fill in a long-standing hole. Neo-Pagans have magazines such as NewWitch, PanGaia, and Pentacle, and e-zines like WitchVox. Even chaos magicians have plenty of periodicals devoted to their practice. Alchemists, ceremonial magicians, Kabbalists, Hermeticists, Neo-Shamans, and so on collectively have very little in the way of periodicals or even reliable websites on their chosen fields of study and practice. This is a situation that we hope to help, as both of us co-founders (myself and Sheta Kaey) are Kabbalists and ceremonial magicians, and I am a Hermeticist with a growing interest in alchemy! As you can see, we’re in this for ourselves as well.

It ought to be noted at the outset that Sheta and I do not draw sharp lines of delineation between “magic” and “mysticism.” To us, these things are inextricably linked and, as such luminaries as Franz Bardon and William G. Gray have pointed out, the true Initiate does not disregard either one in favor of the other. The power of magic cannot manifest without the stillness of mysticism, and the stillness of mysticism can hardly come to fruition without the power of magic to bring it into the Kingdom of Manifestation. Thus, when we say “magic,” we are usually referring to both at once, or some combination of the two. This is why you will find articles here on subjects as diverse as the nature of consciousness, ritual magic, sorcery, meditation, Tantra, and psychology. A good magical practitioner seeks to find the unity of her whole system.

I hope that you enjoy our efforts, and the garden of delights planted for us by the many artists and authors who have volunteered to contribute. Please tell us what we can do to improve this e-zine of ours and what sort of content you would like to see. Also, if you don’t see content that you think should be here, don’t feel shy about submitting some work yourself! It has become a motto of mine that we’re all in this together, and it could not be more true than about learning and growing in the Great Work of Magic.

©2006 Nicholas Graham. Edited by Sheta Kaey

Nicholas Graham is the author of The Four Powers. You can read his blog here.

Rending the Veil is seeking serious volunteers to help kick off next summer with new features and new staff. Also, we now welcome submissions anytime, so send in your best pieces today! Volunteer application (.docx).


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