Into The Aethyr – The Thinning of the Veil

Into The Aethyr - The Thinning of the Veil

Paganism is rife with those who deem themselves helpers of departed souls “trapped” in some earthly desire or other and reluctant to move on. I cringe every time I hear or read the words “into the light,” unless I am watching Poltergeist. These eager ghost hunters frequent cemeteries and old buildings, seeking spirits to usher into the great beyond, as if any human being alive can possibly know more of the spirit world and spirit daily affairs than the spirits do. This time of year, the month of October in particular, is the worst of all.

We’ve all heard at least one person remark on the thinning of the veil around Halloween, how spirits otherwise (reputedly) unreachable become much more chatty and expect to be served dinner on All Hallow’s Eve. While some have ancestral relationships that incorporate this tradition, the bulk of those yammering on about the veil thinning have no idea what they’re on about. And yet there is evidence that spirit communication is at an all time high, at least in the modern era. Certainly my work has in the last decade steadily uncovered more and more people who are either very convincing to my skeptical viewpoint or else are having genuine experiences with those who’ve “passed on.”

The 1990s saw the peak of the phenomenon of trance channeling, during which the medium or psychic (such words leave a bad taste in my mouth) gives up control of the body to his or her spirit guide so that the spirit can speak directly to the audience (perhaps of one, or perhaps of a thousand, depending upon the intensity of — spirit or human — desire for attention and revenue). While this sort of relationship is still easy enough to find, it’s being overshadowed by the much more commonplace and much more blasé method of conscious channeling, wherein the medium or human partner simply allows the spirit to speak without giving up control of his or her faculties. I’ve done both, and while it can be cool to gather the evidence that a trance channeling session can provide, there’s a lot to be said for being a conscious partner. You remember a lot more, for one thing.

A little .pdf book called Thinning of the Veil: A Record of Experience by Mary Bruce Wallace has a few points to make on this regard. While I haven’t had a chance to read the entire book, I can appreciate what she has to say on channeling:

“I felt from the very first perfectly normal, not losing consciousness in any way, but I could not guess what the next word would be until I had heard it. ‘We just give you one word at a time, and then wait to see if you have grasped it,’ said my friend.

“The voice seemed to speak not to my outer ear but to my soul-ear, and I heard every intonation of it, suiting the nature of the thought, tender, grave, encouraging, hopeful, joyous; every human emotion that is true and beautiful seemed expressed in tones more musical than any outward voice can reach.”

This book was published in 1919. Ms. Wallace writes at length on the relationship between herself and her spirit teacher. A single, unexpected encounter with a departed friend led to meeting this teacher, and then a floodgate opened and she began to see angels as well as other departed souls. Exhibiting a much more grounded approach to these experiences and recording them without coloring her encounters with more modern garbage such as, “We’ve lived 10,000 lifetimes together and he loves me more than anyone has ever been loved before [a sentiment I’ve actually heard before],” her prose is a breath of fresh air from a time we can no longer relate to. As children of the Information Age, our attention spans are minuscule, and our capacity for reason not much bigger. Mediums, shamans and psychics, or just sensitive people as I prefer to be called, would do well to emulate our cultural ancestors, such as Ms. Wallace and Ida Craddock.

It’s the opinion of Ms. Wallace, and I fully agree, that the veil is thinning — oh yes, but it’s not restricted to the seasons of Samhain and Beltane. The thinning of the veil is a progression, a gradual change year after year that allows normal, ordinary people to encounter spirits of various ilk on a daily basis. I’m constantly receiving emails and requests for help from people who’ve had their first encounters with spirits and don’t know what to do. But the one thing the bulk of them have in common is that they’re enraptured and want to learn to strengthen and continue this contact. Only paranoid religious fanatics tend to see these spirits as dangerous or demonic.

The veil is thinning. It’ll still be thinning in November, in February, in August, in 2012 (and 2012 — that’s a bitch-fest for another day). If you haven’t had an unexpected encounter with a spirit yet, odds are you will. Just do us all a favor, and don’t lose your rational mind in the experience.

©2009 by Sheta Kaey

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2 Responses to “Into The Aethyr – The Thinning of the Veil”

  1. Hummingbird says:

    It was the death of my son that has convinced me of spiritual connections. Several days after his death when everyone was gone (those friends who stayed with us to help us thru the initial struggle) he let me know about the spirit world – it is real and all around us – right with us. I was receiving messages and passing them along to my husband who thought I was losing it – I started writing things down – it was amazing to me and brought a peace to me that no one could understand. This connection lasted about a week (he let me know it was only going to be a short while).I also know that I have always had a guardian spirit – not sure why or who but I know this to be real because of how really messed up my life would have been and it involves my past life somehow. I want to keep an open mind and some day hope to understand more about it all.

  2. RTV Admin says:

    Your experiences felt genuine to me from the first time you described them. And while it’s good to always maintain enough skepticism that we can weigh our experiences rationally as well as purely subjectively (emotions, etc), doubt can be so painful as to scare some people away from spirit contact forever.

    On the other end of the spectrum from pure skepticism (as described in detail in other articles this issue), we have those who accept everything that happens, including stuff they (increasingly) make up. Early on in many, many people’s adjustment (it’s not a conversion, imho) to a pagan or New Age spiritual perspective, they stay on the very light-oriented side of the path, and are what we old-timers term “fluffy.” As you grow and learn and weigh and measure and so on, you begin to accept both darker and more rational aspects. It’s damn hard to explain, now that I’m trying to do it. There’s nothing whatever evil about it — you certainly know I’m not evil, and neither is Meridjet, but we damn sure have our dark sides. It’s like that. One person once said about him, “Meridjet brings light while understanding darkness.”

    Anyway, the fluffier folks out there are the “go into the light” people. You and I both know that the light and the “other side” are right there, all the time. There’s no distance between it and them, or between them and us. :)

    — Sheta

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