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Volunteer application Questions? Write to admin@rendingtheveil.com.

Get in on the ground floor in a unique opportunity as Rending the Veil transitions from hobby to actual business. Lend your skills and help us create something unlike anything else on the web! We need qualified individuals in all positions below, to lead their blooming departments as we grow. Along with those listed, we are seeking individuals interested in Magick in Theory & Practice, our peer-reviewed research area and our ritual testing area. These are still in the concept stages, moreso than those below.

RTV seriously needs volunteers for these positions. They are current as of March 2014. Please apply only if you are serious, will do your agreed job, and will let us know in the event you no longer wish to participate. Write for details. Pick out a position and volunteer today!

Disclaimer: The job titles are in humor, okay?

Social Media Mage

This position has been filled, but I’m sure she’d like some help.

The Social Media Mage will compose relevant, regular, and interactive content to Facebook, Twiiter, and any other social media conduits we create — on official RTV accounts and with impeccably professional conduct. (This will likely break into multiple positions once we are properly setup and rolling along.) Social Media Mage also works with Chief Editor on the most effective ways to utilize social media, such as suggesting FB-only sales. This position should be filled by someone diurnal.

Practitioner Liaison

The Practitioner Liaison will maintain complete and accurate practitioner records including but not limited to: RTV official paperwork, client appointments and payments, schedules and availability times. This position includes communicating with practitioners to help them gain best exposure, and to encourage them to devote some energy to this project.

Contributor Liaison

The Contributor Liaison will maintain complete and accurate contributor records, including but not limited to RTV official paperwork, a complete folder of original and/or revised submissions (per contributor), etc. Liaison will re-establish and/or maintain contact with contributors and encourage new submissions.

Public Relations Mage

The Public Relations Mage will create new promotions for the site to run, and new ways to promote the site. This position comes with intrinsic authority and additional responsibility, as the PR Mage oversees the Social Media Mage, and any other positions which exist or may be created that include interacting with the public. Until such time as an Advertising Mage is found, the PR Mage will also handle the duties below.

The Advertising Mage will be in charge of finding websites that would be of interest to the RTV readers, and soliciting them for ads. This includes collection and management of ad text and/or graphics, supervising the appropriate ad content and size, and working in tandem with the Analytics Mage. This position would also include checking out the websites of anyone coming to us and asking for ad space.

Customer Relationship Mage

The CR Mage will be responsible for creating and maintaining the FAQ, manning the Help Desk, and fielding service inquiry emails (several per week).

Retail Mage

The Retail Mage will be responsible for setting up and maintaining a full Rending the Veil online store, running promotions and sales, delegating orders for shipping, and handling store-related customer service inquiries.

Tech and Security Mages

The Tech Mages must be proficient in PHP, and familiarity with WordPress hacks is a big plus. Tech Mage will implement and likely create custom WordPress plugins for exclusive use or shared us, including ways to gamify (i.e. install fun incentives) the site, as well as other methods of incentive. A program to draw new clients and practitioners — active bloggers and forum users — without excluding current users is prefereable. Note that other custom request lurk in the wings.

The eventually separate Security Mage will be responsible for hack-proofing the site as it grows. Only experienced people need apply, and be prepared to show references and undergo at least one interview, despite the fact that this is also a volunteer and not a paid position (until such time as we are actually solvent).

Analytics Mage

The Analytics Mage will determine the demographics of the Rending the Veil readership, and devise the most effective and appropriate ways to market various aspects of the site to our readers. This position will work as — or hand in hand with, depending on availability of an additional volunteer — the Public Relations Mage, as per the description below. Analytics Mage should be someone with an understanding of SEO, PPC advertising, advertising alternatives, et al.

Video Mage

Video Mage will be in charge on setting up and running our video production department, wherein we intend to produce demonstrational occult video. Video Mage will oversee creation (using a webcam, videocam, or other means of recording video) of videos demonstrating various magical exercises and rituals. These videos will be available for download and/or on DVD. Videos will be converted to appropriate file types for the media involved, and will be edited for highest possible quality.

Newsletter Mage

The Newsletter Mage will create and maintain a regular RTV newsletter for online distribution to subscribers. This Mage will also assist anyone else who wants to set up a newsletter for us, and will then oversee the other newsletters.

Forum Mage

Forum Mage will be responsible for policing the RTV forums, initially as a whole and then, as it grows, overseeing submoderators delegated to individual forum areas. RTV has attempted forums before, but for lack of a some dedicated attention, they failed to take off. Therefore, the Forum Mage needs to promote the forums in other places (as permitted). Forum Mage (and subsequent submods) must be experienced magicians who can moderate diplomatically. References may be required, and maturity and moderator experience are big pluses.

Submissions Mage

The Submissions Mage will be in charge of soliciting new material and fielding unsolicited submissions. This would include engaging with current contributors to generate new content, gathering submissions, and forwarding them to the copy editors. This also includes posting to solicit new content in pertinent forums that welcome such postings. At a later date, if necessary, this position will break down into sectors such as columns, articles, fiction, etc.

Copy Editors

Copy editors review submissions prior to publication, ensure any submission research is properly done and accurate, find areas in need of clarification or elaboration, and make sure that all references are cited with all information included; this includes proofreading for spelling errors, punctuation errors, etc. Copy Editors will be working back and forth with the writer of the piece, or with Sheta (as needed), to expedite preparation for publication. Specific guidelines for editors are provided. Content editor will edit the submission, return it to the author for revisions, receive it back and look it over one more time, then send it to the assigned Copy Editor.

Senior Art Gallery Mage (may be to come; may be retired)

The Senior Art Gallery Mage will be in charge of assisting new and existing artists with their gallery accounts, maintaining the galleries according to (upcoming) RTV Gallery guidelines and terms, ensuring that customers and artists achieve a successful conclusion to their transaction, and possibly a bookkeeping aspect, working with fees and commissions for the site as a whole. (Specifics will be determined later.)

Revised 20 March 2014

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