Magick in Practice


“Magick in Practice” seeks experimental rites, rituals, spells, and magical operations for peer testing and review. This is an “anything goes” type of column. We will post a new experiment irregularly as they become available, and the goal is for our readers to take this experiment, try it out, and report back in comments (or other forums, as they arrive) about the modifications they made (if any), and the results they achieved. General guidelines for reporting back are approximately 30 days, though if you have results sooner, by all means report immediately.

This column is in development, and Experiment One can be found here. Send your suggested rituals or spells to Include as many details as necessary or appropriate, and specify in what portions modifications are welcome. Include your name, email address, and byline (if different) in the actual document. Submit in the body of an email or in Word document format only. Images are allowed; attach to email. If you intend images to be published with the ritual, please ensure large, high resolution images. Images must be clear and well lit. If you are modifying a ritual found in a publication, include original sources in full reference format, including any hyperlinks. Endnotes, footnotes, or in-text citations are allowed as long as full reference information is included (ISBN#, author(s) names, date of publication, publisher, et al). If inspired by popular culture, please describe source material and where/how it can be accessed or referenced.

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