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Submission Guidelines

  • We accept nonfiction, fiction, poetry, traditional art, graphic art, photography, interviews, debate pieces (if an opposing view can be found), editorial content, and reviews.

Want Your Book Reviewed?

Review copies should be sent to the address below. (Anything of value should be insured.) If you’d like to speed up the wait for your completed review, consider audio books (unabridged). Many of our reviewers have a reading table overloaded with books and a schedule overloaded with other priorities that push reading further and further down, making the wait for your review slower than it could be if audio books were offered instead. It’s just a suggestion.

Rending the Veil
260-A Oakland Street
Baytown, Texas 77520-1139 USA

Phone: 281-624-9650. Rules for phone: After 3 p.m. for coherent conversation, until dawn. (Local time. Think it over.) Text 24/7/365. If you call RTV on the phone, you’re calling my cell, so don’t be surprised when I just say “Hello.”

General Information You Might Want to Read: Rending the Veil is (as of 2013 July), and always has been a “seat of the pants” operation, meaning we learn all this stuff as we go, we’re not all that well organized, and we stumble often — usually in plain sight of gods and everybody. We smile sheepishly and try again. It’s been almost seven years and we remain, though there were times when I wondered if I could take another day. But I’ve been well-trained in patience, and a long hiatus usually does wonders and is not nearly as final as the axe. My point is this: If we put something up or make an announcement prematurely and then two days or two weeks later it all vanishes, that is the result of one thing — my impulsive need to share things that excite me.

Email:, though you can use for maximum exposure; this sends a copy to each of our senior editors. Do not misuse this privilege, unless of course you’re actually that stupid.

Text Material (e.g. articles, poetry, etc.) —

  • Format: .doc (preferred) or .rtf format with formatting intact (e.g words in italics will be italicized in the final article).
  • Font: Calibri or Ariel. A sans-serif font, please! No unusual or difficult to read fonts.
  • IMPORTANT! Add your name and email address to all documents! Please indicate your byline (pen name).
  • Minimum of 1000 words per article or fiction piece, no maximum, though anything over 4000 words should be published in sections or chapters over a series of issues.
  • Cite all references.
  • Run your submission through a spell-check, and be open to the concept of having your work edited. It will be returned for you to review any needed edits before we publish it. Don’t use arbitrary capitalization without explaining why.
  • Illustration of any piece is acceptable, just indicate in your submission where you’d like the image(s) to appear. See below for illustration requirements.
  • Reviews must be at least 500 words and are not limited to books. They can be on anything that our readers would be interested in, from books to cds, dvds, websites, movies, concerts, conventions, etc. Include all pertinent information, e.g. ISBN, title, author/artist, and so forth, and you should also include a 1-5 star rating (half stars are acceptable).

Art Submissions —

  • Photographs and Graphic Art:
    • .png format only, except as follows. Don’t send enormous bitmaps or .psds unless you are sending in something that is intended to be printed. Never submit any image that’s been compressed.
    • Images must be no smaller than 600 pixels wide/high at a standard web resolution of 72 ppi. We will resize large images before publishing them.
  • Art for print:
    • If you are sending in art for printing, please ensure a minimum of 150 ppi resolution, with the image sized according to the desired print size. If we get into anything requiring more diverse information, we’ll update here.
  • Illustration images:
    • Send all images as separate files, not embedded in the document (except as guides for placement, if you like).
    • Make sure all images are at least 600 pixels on each side, unless a smaller image is appropriate.
    • Do not send blurry, highly pixelated, or compressed images.

    When submitting all content, include your byline (name you want to be published under), a valid email address, and your RTV username. An account is necessary to credit the submission in the content managing system. If you do not have an account, one will be created for you based on your byline. Also include a single paragraph bio or promo piece to append your submission, 50 words or less. You may include up to two links — one to a blog if you have one, and one to a website. Both must be yours though you may use your Facebook or MySpace page if you prefer.

    Send all submissions to or to

    Last revision 9 July 2013

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