Do You Have What it Takes?

Cast your pearls before kings.

Rending the Veil is accepting applications from extraordinary psychic and spiritual practitioners of all types for a highly selective organization that strives, above all, to practice service with integrity. We embrace the concept that metaphysical practitioners should be paid an appropriate wage for their work, but we’ve all seen how corrupted the field has become. How do we separate the wheat from the chaff, the truly gifted from the charlatan? When people come to Rending the Veil, they know that the practitioners we offer will be fair, honest, and responsible.

Have you left the map behind to wander the territory properly? Has your practice evolved into something uniquely yours, but difficult to describe in the limited space available at most psychic sites? Do psychic sites in general make you feel like you want to spit? Consider joining us — we pride ourselves on the genuine nature of our service, the lack of pretense and the fairest prices anywhere for the quality of service offered.

We seek mentors and readers, both, but mentors are in high demand. If you’ve truly developed your practice into something unique and would like to mentor others in their similar practices — to help them develop their own, not to emulate yours — then we really need you!

Requirements: While we will consider exceptional practitioners of every type, we are most interested in specialized practitioners who’ve taken their practices to the next level, beyond the basics that formed the foundation of their work. Download an application at the top of this page, and tell us about your practice. Do you work on the phone, in text-chat, email, and/or something else? Tell us what makes you unique. If you’re a reader, do you focus more on pragmatic issues, spiritual issues, relationship issues, or what?

What we offer: Rending the Veil will provide you with the following —

  • A profile page where you can put whatever you want about yourself
  • As many pages as you need to describe your practices (typically one service per page, though various tiers may be added to each service)
  • Pages for your testimonials, articles, and, if you have one, a section for your spirit helper to do the same (profile, articles channeled, etc.)
  • A boost to your reputation and higher visibility, as well as the opportunity to really shine and continue developing your practice.

Finances: We ask that clients obtained via Rending the Veil continue to request your services via the site. We will field the request, send you the information, set up an appointment for you to do the reading, and take 25% off the top. If a client pays you directly, such as for extra time, just send us our cut within 3 days.

Guidelines for Inclusion

  • You’ve developed your personal practice beyond what is available in books; i.e., you’ve “left the map for the territory,” and made your practice uniquely your own.
  • You have information and experience that can help similar practitioners — those in your general field of study — to develop their own practices similarly.
  • You feel called to serve your community, and aren’t in this simply to make a buck.
  • You feel that you have something to offer that will empower others and that it’s worth paying for.
  • You’re not attracted to the idea of “selling” yourself on a standard psychic site, but want to be associated with similarly dedicated and honest practitioners.
  • You’re patient with those who are just learning. You’re nonjudgmental, non-preachy, and flexible to the ideas in your client’s practice that may differ from your own.
  • You have a good reputation among your peers and can supply references to this effect.

Don’t be shy! Let us know why you’re different.

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